Formula One heiress robbed of $65 million in jewelry

Police in London are looking for three men that made off with Tamara Ecclestone’s jewelry. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.
2:02 | 12/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Formula One heiress robbed of $65 million in jewelry
Mara Ecclestone heiress to the Formula One fortune shares a lot and into Graham nights out movie premieres but this morning police are wondering if this photo showing -- stone's daughter on the steps of a private plane tipped off would be thieves that apple stone and her family were going out of town for the holidays. Allowing the intruders to carry out a heist in her London home on Friday night. Making off with 65 million dollars worth of jewelry. Like the ring on her hand in this photo or the watches and bracelets in this one both from her public answer Graham account thieves reportedly in the mansion which is just blocks from Kensington Palace where prince William and his family live. For just under an hour. The suspects three men making their way through the homes 57 rooms cracking at least two states. Before being discovered by on site security by the time the police were even called the suspects were gone a spokesperson for the Ecclestone Finley saying in a statement. Mara and Stanley are well but obviously angry and shaken by the incident and this morning tomorrow is back on instant Graham. Posting a Bible verse that appears to be a response to the robbery for there's nothing hidden at will not be disclosed in nothing concealed that will not be known. Are brought out into the open. As for tomorrow's father Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone he said just yesterday considering all the security at the house and around the neighborhood. He thinks that the robbery was an inside job. Rule that the giving me. More insight to why he thinks is inside I mean that there are multiple security checkpoints throughout the neighborhood there's 24 sevenths security staff on the homes premises so. He's saying for those guys to be in there for fifteen minutes and to make. Off with all of that that he's that there has to be in person and they knew exactly we're ago could you just can't find two states. 57 rooms just on the top editor Hank crack up. Right so experts are saying reminding folks adult post your location turn off OK the service is on. Social media there's a lot of things to remember to act bottler deeds they're going to be at a house are apt to be 679 Dallas. Exacts an XY and acts.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Police in London are looking for three men that made off with Tamara Ecclestone’s jewelry. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67771351","title":"Formula One heiress robbed of $65 million in jewelry","url":"/WNN/video/formula-heiress-robbed-65-million-jewelry-67771351"}