Freddie Gray's Death Sparks Protests

Protests arise over the death of Freddie Gray, who passed away while under police custody.
1:45 | 04/21/15

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Transcript for Freddie Gray's Death Sparks Protests
Good morning everybody I'm TJ hope. Read an item of the top stories on this Tuesday April 21 Baltimore officials are calling for comments protest rallies against the death another black man in police custody. Point five year old Freddy grace suffered a spinal injury. Slipped into a coma and died a week after he was taken into custody you can see and crying out as he's dragged onto a police van. Gray repeatedly asked for medical attention in the band but there was a delay in calling paramedics six officers have been suspended police say there is no evidence of any use of force. Six Somali American men have from Minneapolis are in federal custody charged with trying to join Islamic terrorists overseas. The men appeared in court yesterday FBI says two suspects were arrested in San Diego. They played across in the Mexico and eventually make their way to Syria agents say there's no evidence the suspects played any terror activities here in the US. Two arrests have been made in connection with the smuggling ship that capsized between Libya and Italy the captain and crew member. We're taken into custody when they arrived in Sicily along with 28 others who survived the UN says 800 refugees died only about two dozen bodies were recovered. This disaster is among several in the Mediterranean Sea this week. Federal depends chopper that a Tokyo department store being greeted by a robot receptionist sea world job yesterday with only working that are sticking through today. That she's being brought to another floor what shall be offering tours to shoppers for the next couple weeks they're working on getting her off script. But she has to stick to as of now shall soon be getting an upgrade so she can speak more languages. Get more news. Any type thing think. Think that we think we should go he's. A region that I didn't either of us anymore picture books.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Protests arise over the death of Freddie Gray, who passed away while under police custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30465430","title":"Freddie Gray's Death Sparks Protests","url":"/WNN/video/freddie-grays-death-sparks-protests-30465430"}