Freeway Shootings Put Phoenix Residents on Edge

Police are investigating a possible serial shooter after a string of suspicious incidents in the area.
1:54 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for Freeway Shootings Put Phoenix Residents on Edge
Good morning I'm tennis Gibson coming tonight it was some our top stories on this Thursday September 10. This morning's commute could be tens of thousands on the roadways around the next plays they are investigating a possible serial shooter after ten suspicious incidents. In the past ten days of tour bus was also head. Thankfully no one has been seriously hurt but officials say. She just a matter of time. In Las Vegas it's shockingly clear how much worse that British air debt higher. Could have met one man on board reported that takeoff and the sudden explosion that sent dozens. Fire and thick black smoke. Passengers and crew fled down the emergency chutes and away from the burning aircraft fired eighth place for the fuselage. And sports part of the cargo area before it was put out and hopefully get a Catholic man from Virginia hasn't. Personally invited by the White House. People Francis during its upcoming visit to the last every alleged that. Writes a blog called. Catholic about his journey back to church and wrote a letter to the White House web site. I was surprised he got caught alt keys that many Americans excited to see full. Philadelphia half thousand tickets to attend the pope's mass which just claim and a matter. Snow finally take a look at this dramatic moment caught on drone video woman hiking with a group of friends and now wait. Reporting as they jumped into water ball went. A flash floods suddenly appeared. Her camera caught one of her friends struggling to hang on and then being swept away the rest of the group scramble to safety thinking he was lost. Miraculously. He served. Rescue helicopter here is them all about. Just not just amazing videos so you sort of glad he's okay paint a pretty terrifying actual. The importance anytime Mumbling and I kind of industry thanks for watching drinkers.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Police are investigating a possible serial shooter after a string of suspicious incidents in the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33652460","title":"Freeway Shootings Put Phoenix Residents on Edge","url":"/WNN/video/freeway-shootings-put-phoenix-residents-edge-33652460"}