French Spider-Man Scales Macao Skyscraper

To promote "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", the French Spider-Man climbs the Galaxy building in Macao.
2:56 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for French Spider-Man Scales Macao Skyscraper
Into the mix we're starting with pretty cool video here the -- on YouTube it's Alan Robert he -- up. The French Spiderman essentially he -- -- stuff around the world this is not last Wednesday to promote the amazing Spider-Man two movie coming out. And he is. Climbing a building in -- and indicated the galaxy Macau tower he goes all the way up to the top. -- -- also holds in 2012 Guinness world record for planning 300 meters in the entire tower in Qatar. Is that one hour 33 minutes and 47 seconds no telling how fast he did this -- it. But he. I wouldn't second only to -- 46 minutes to climb a 153. Meters -- -- 500 feet. Or about fifteen story really wow what incredibly amazing all right from my guess -- too many -- Superman check out this. These are -- daredevil sky divers who have -- set the record by -- 2000. 717. Feet off the world's tallest building. Fred -- and -- -- it. They prepared for this fight climate type things might get one up into the mountains and Switzerland to get used to the altitude. But if this company. Unbelievable. The world's tallest building -- -- toward the ground eventually pulling records -- parachutes and yes. They landed safely they're not the first ones to jump from this tower which is about twice the Empire State Building. If you knew that they had to build a platform 500 feet higher so they can break the record. It's just a break like they ended the fifth and amazingly it was -- -- -- know what it looks like. Again assuming the next news -- -- -- -- programs right absolutely I'll watch from the comfort of my -- I so everybody's into the -- Wouldn't you know the holiday season trying to get around people who are just looking to slow window shop they've already -- dollar shopping that are walking around other kids other -- may have gotten now sorting out fast and you're trying to get. Everybody's been there are absolutely -- year old girl -- and took matters into her own hands and she wrote the people of her favorite mall. And this is what she said incredibly disappointed people talking about your shopping center in noisy so that I want to score rainy in the Asian stock people walking slow -- people are in -- -- for work and this could be dangerous because you can bump into someone and -- personal bubble you ever tell people not to walk so slow. If you do this for me I would be delighted there she it. I'm is she decided to write this turning this -- cash flow and the mall take action now they have a fat plain just float plane and that our. It's divided and dot it looks just like Bradley they're implementing this behind does and it -- well as something that they are going to keep and her how. -- remain even -- -- upon and come here. We can use that in New York's swinging on the sidewalks in New York Rangers sometimes you just can't get -- -- let me medical examiner that have to be like you know holding hands and really wide. It does not you can tell I'm behind you again Michael expected -- lose his job. -- -- --

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{"id":23450252,"title":"French Spider-Man Scales Macao Skyscraper","duration":"2:56","description":"To promote \"The Amazing Spider-Man 2\", the French Spider-Man climbs the Galaxy building in Macao.","url":"/WNN/video/french-spider-man-scales-macao-skyscraper-23450252","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}