Friday Rewind: 11.28.2014

Taking a look back at the week's top stories.
2:54 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: 11.28.2014
It's been a very busy week for news with a one major story dominating the headlines that decision in the grip of the grand jury Ferguson. Netted a firestorm and sure dead it dominated the national conversation to an often polarizing degree. But we all gather together this holiday weekend hoping for positive change in steps toward peace that story and others right now you know writing me. No probable cause exists to file any charge against officer will send us a homeless man for his life. And I believe the GX nonsense is that. And I believe yes indeed the luckiest apt ME. Indiana his knees. Backed out saying you know I'm sorry that her son gloss or life. It wasn't the intention of that day until occurred that day and god. And there's no. Don't mean to say there's got to make a parent of my. I goes against everything as far as justices concerned. And nothing is a complete embarrassment. Salute to American justice there's. It's not a problem just to EV and Jesse TVA's administration. Can solve its announcement to make it. That we all need to helps solve. I hope there's bystanders. At the moral courage. The moral courage to come forward. Can help us with an investigation. There have got an overpass not only play. Point and everybody. Facsimile weapon. In this accident. It's indistinguishable. From. You'll find. They started dig in that car trouble what's the sense to me miss Rhode hasn't been touched you imagine living like this for six days and counting them doesn't do any good to get us it is because it's. It's mother nature's. Said it was she wants to do just that chemical. And so unbelievably. Happy that you want to have happened since highlight how I. Let's listen in pure tart. And your named after a side. Your chances. Of escaping. Thanksgiving dinner are pretty low so these guys are. Well ahead of the curve literally beat the odds. Saddleback concedes that his thank you. I'm curious your lawyer went ahead what's next for legal tempo for the city Ferguson the below looks like the family has the ability to file civil suits and actor becoming in the federal investigations are still pending against the officer and the police departments and some of the cuts glossed over when there are entitled don't miss our FaceBook updates WW WNN fans suck com. And a lot more news coming up. This is ABC's world news now. Informing insomniacs for two decades and.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Taking a look back at the week's top stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27232180","title":"Friday Rewind: 11.28.2014","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-27232180"}