Friday Rewind: Donald Trump 9/11 Claims

Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including Donald Trump's account of 9/11.
2:40 | 11/27/15

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Donald Trump 9/11 Claims
This week was dominated by Thanksgiving of course but there were some other stories as well. Chief among them was terror of the locked out in Belgium fears here in the US. And comments by presidential candidates are here in this week's. I watch. Win the World Trade Center came tumbling down. I'm lives in Jersey City pictures. With thousands. Thousands of people would cheering. As that building is coming down. It did you see that happening now finite element. I saw that the film. He injured him. We under siege legacy 120 watermark. This whole cities are not coming everywhere you go UCL a he's up deserve good man armed machine guns yes we are and we continue to be we have been concerned. Copycats like Paris. These exercises are vitally necessary. In New York City we at this time very well for this. They can't beat us on the battlefields they try to terrorize us and being afraid. Into retreating from the world. This president I will not let that happen. Several people did in our dressing room and it shows reloaded it and then killed every one of them. Tonight we honor the victims of the unimaginable violence that has taken place is here in Paris and around the world. The entire world matters and peace is possible. Done at. His courage. Is in terrible example of the fact that for the citizens of New Orleans are not gonna turn a blind eye to crime it is graphic. It is violent. It is chilling to watch a seventeen year old young man. Die in such a violent manner and it's deeply disturbing. We prepared for so much snow to get a shock. Coming from the warm weather that. So you know our feeling that date exactly really what it's. You know save the stand up there. Do you like about the game. A. I judge you. It's so great to look at and see Lisa McRee and then absolutely don't forget Monday is Cyber Monday. Hey we can actually start shopping on Sunday. The First Lady what was Christmas treated it like you know mr.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including Donald Trump's account of 9/11. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35442827","title":"Friday Rewind: Donald Trump 9/11 Claims","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-donald-trump-911-claims-35442827"}