Friday Rewind: Hurricane Michael makes landfall

The storm hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, leaving many without power and massive destruction in its wake.
2:37 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Hurricane Michael makes landfall
So let your seat fight that got out of control of reigning Supreme Court justice a self destructive piece of art and that was people are the hurricane hit it's been a bit of a week well here's your Friday reminds. Chaos at the UFC championship fight both in and out of the ring the winner actually climbing over the canes attacking his opponents teen. There's going to be an investigation going to be. Big money fines and discussion on the job. The artist being C shocking guests at a London auction house one of his signature work she read it. Just after it was sold. Yeah. He secretly built a shredder inside the paintings frame years ago. In case it was ever put up for auction. Desperate Kavanagh is taking CNN Supreme Court after a ceremonial swearing in of the White House it was all just for show. Justice Kavanagh had actually been officially sworn in over the weekend. But with the nation watching the president trump wanted to deliver a message you sooner or under historic. Scrutiny. We're proven innocent thank you have just as Brett Cavanaugh was never proven innocent. Hurricane Michael makes. Slam ball at his store hurricane hearing in the Florida Panhandle weeks ripping the roof right off this building. This is the catastrophic damage the for a king Michael. The storm surge in Apalachicola taking over streets and homes. It's Angel beach a family including a father and son. Rescuing neighbors from their roof shortly after eye of the storm passed the devastation on Mexico beach as seen from above. Hurricane Michael making landfall at 155. Miles per hour and this is what a strong category four hurricane. We'll do it but as soon as I'm now. Well kittens come that way. You can Florida baby kitten in my the ticket to the kittens into a yacht down out Watson that he. Students as their song. Sales and anything yeah. Yeah they're paying movements photo. Yet out we've got four kittens that need to be. Course that they need names ringgit to help speed and find some home. Glimmer of sunshine and a hurricane zone here animosity. Rob Marciano in kids. What else do you. Has the best and Dave that he after they found it didn't. Turns out that they were able to go to a shelter they got off or those kids that overtook it got in the car until there's a long line of people who want to adopt. They look a little shell shocked yeah they're gay and and go. Have a little temporary home.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The storm hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, leaving many without power and massive destruction in its wake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58459988","title":"Friday Rewind: Hurricane Michael makes landfall","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-hurricane-michael-makes-landfall-58459988"}