Friday Rewind: Rick Gates takes the stand

Rick Gates, special counsel Robert Mueller's so-called star witness, testified against his former boss, Paul Manafort.
2:47 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Rick Gates takes the stand
It is the right thing again this summer yeah heavy bag is being here all week and can assemble loved every second half but hey I had. Brigades. Are just looking at would be unfair but it let a busy week. It's just ground out here and just loves me it is also an experiment in a secret some new hairstyle yeah forget. His man behind here's the Friday everyone riding a perfect picnic at the quote. Room showdown in the trial of former trump campaign chairman Paul medical. Robert Mueller star witness Rick gates taking the stand for a second day and it was notable. Now gates who continued to work for trauma after a man of fort left the campaign. Is claiming that can't afford sought favors from him after trump was elected president trying to secure an administration job for Stevens called. The CEO of a bank that allegedly won't be an import millions of dollars. Based on false information prosecutors also got needs to talk about how important allegedly instructed him and knocks. More foreign bank accounts to avoid paying taxes on them. As the gators are trying to figure out why the pilot declared an emergency. Before that crash still no answers the fact that there is no hitters on the ground is a miracle in itself the pilot Scott Shepard flying with his wife Laura declaring an emergency before the plane crashed. Now experts are examining that video. Probing whether the plane may have stalled and fall in vertically. After running out of gas. Us now to that suspected assassination attempt on Venezuelan president Nicholas hood bureau but duo was speaking on live TV. A National Guard parade in the capital Saturday when suddenly you see his wife. Flinch and look up the door that looks. He security team Swartz shielding him with those bullet through blankets. And pulling him off stage the video the drone comes from a tweet you later re tweeted on the bureau's Twitter feed. Purportedly showing the instant during his speech and drove explodes. But there are serious questions at this video was even from the scene many question it's authenticity that's. Buyers many Syrians run you can see those flames racing up this bill provides a comfortable with regard homes. In this area we have firefighters got there are standing their ground doing everything they can to protect his thugs against him is framed in flames down there in the major parents. I'm going on right now planes. Why line. An area not you can get a man bun you don't have to grow it I'll outdoor smelled like clip on men buns. Are you think it tired of having to grow your man but for yeah yeah. Low. Out. Except as somebody appointed I grew. Men pony tail not a man alone and you're a man but the real mankind can. You can checking out my manhood.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Rick Gates, special counsel Robert Mueller's so-called star witness, testified against his former boss, Paul Manafort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57130242","title":"Friday Rewind: Rick Gates takes the stand","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-rick-gates-takes-stand-57130242"}