Friends learn they’re actually sisters

ABC's Will Ganss explains how a matching tattoo tipped them off!
2:13 | 03/02/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Friends learn they’re actually sisters
Directly leg in Europe public and Cilic steep path and she's like yeah dot. Applicable what do you. Think sullen. Juliet to daddy first noticed Sandra Madison's Dominican Republic tax you on her arm. When they were working together at a restaurant in Connecticut back in 2013. Julia has the same tattoo on her back. And trysts. Like something from a Disney movie the women collect. Instantly there was no light and she's not right like no like we have gotten it like. It like we was nonstop they bonded over being adopted and being raised by single mothers in the United States. And even though other people told them they look alike errors on Julius adoption paperwork said it couldn't be possible. We started planning we award the same goal as. We aren't actually black shirts like they'd sit out of the big sister on the little sister Cassie finally reaching out to her biological father. Asking if he had given up another child he admitted that there wise a little girl. Just a year younger than Cassie he was just like I am so sorry he would like it was such a hard time your mom and I hand. I just I don't like about Cassie convincing truly it'd take a 23 and meet test sharing the results of that test on tick tock. I'm her family. I am her sister stay mum saying that. They say everything happens for a reason I don't know why the time was now for us to do it but that is only found out. My other siblings our other siblings our father is. I'm so excited. So excited cast in Joliet found out that they have seven other siblings their next goal is to travel together to the DR. To meet their biological family and the sisters say that both of their adoptive families meanwhile have been nothing but supportive. All along the way guys wow this script writes itself. Right and I want to tickets to see that movie mister Spielberg if you're watching the yeah we got here first thing runway that time together that's pretty special amazing thank you.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"ABC's Will Ganss explains how a matching tattoo tipped them off!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76198562","title":"Friends learn they’re actually sisters","url":"/WNN/video/friends-learn-theyre-sisters-76198562"}