Frozen Home Becomes Frozen Dinner

A family creates a fried chicken "TV Dinner" out of snow on their front lawn.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frozen Home Becomes Frozen Dinner
-- time now for in the next. All the snow and we've been dealing went -- gets us thinking of -- staying inside not wanting to venture out so. -- -- -- frozen dinner. In all different kind of frozen dinner check this Alex thinks. This is this artists in Virginia Beach. TJ LE and he is the artist's name -- aren't spelled out meet this is very impressive snow sculpture in. -- -- Men that day dinner that police yeah I guess you know want to make the -- and snowing really run out of ideas so frozen dinner in this snow. Anything not to eat the yellow discount. Checking coloreds and. -- -- -- It is that stuff made sure we stay away from Ellis -- Marcy -- and Maryland town that I have to stick with us nothing there's been a lot of snow cancellations -- schools and clearly without a doubt the best announcement to close school comes from. Burlington Kentucky. Boone county schools this was Monday February 3. The principal -- the drama teacher. Decided to tell parents how the -- -- that close -- very unique way they sang a song to be heating and rhapsody check out. We need does not already diesel is close those laws are. Parents -- and -- -- must provide a team that very very private meetings. -- All along. Look so -- Pretty well but let's not yet and watch the Yankees. Or do we yeah. And Bartlett and apparently you do something to -- prerecorded knowing that you know the Vatican Sunday when it pops ups and they had it ready -- All they wanted -- -- I created with technologies join our kids no freaking year rhapsody running the parents -- after. -- so -- -- is kind of like rock stars is another guy who's got the rock -- -- going on this isn't personal injury attorney in Georgia. Advertisement he did it to me Super Bowl ad that aired just enjoy this unfortunately we have down on it but this is -- -- -- -- Attorney got up gleaming. Lights camera. -- -- a heavy metal video home. So -- there -- have -- I don't know what else. And I get attention and got to show you this when this is my favorite one of -- -- dad uses a very creative way to put his daughter's hair in -- pony -- it's also check out.

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{"id":22355624,"title":"Frozen Home Becomes Frozen Dinner","duration":"3:00","description":"A family creates a fried chicken \"TV Dinner\" out of snow on their front lawn.","url":"/WNN/video/frozen-home-frozen-dinner-22355624","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}