The Funny Side of Murder

ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown goes behind the scenes of the Tony-winning musical "A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder."
2:45 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for The Funny Side of Murder
And murder ever really be funny believe it or not on Broadway killer in fact they can you be set to music. Down his guide to love and murder is this year's Tony award winner for best musical so. How can serial killer be slightly in the sentence ultimately endearing here's ABC's lifestyle editor Genevieve shopper out. Clinton and me. It's not very often at an audience falls in love with a serial killer but that's exactly what happened at Broadway hit a gentleman's guide to eleven Gartner. The show's gonna work it passed he you have to like the main characters and story what I came up with was bring them along for the ride sort of on his side the underdog. If you've ever been told you can't. You know you're on Monte side. I am the next. Snow loved flying fast. Kenny last month Kandahar need I braced paint him. Loses his eleven mother and finds out that Stanley secret he's an heir to a fortune and just eight people. And murders stand between him and riches and revenge. The Tony award winner for best musicals murders got instilled with not hurt the black hair and much of that laughter comes from the show's other star. Jobless. Oh. I'm kind playing every role there ever wanted to claim my life in this one leg playing every member of the family that needs to be eliminated from monkey to realizes streams. From an elderly reverend who falls to his death. The middle aged Melinda fans who survived the tribe of cannibals but not Monte. The role as intensely as well with frantic cost him changes taking place in seconds just offstage. Slap on a mustache rip awful wig put on a new had put gloves only handling a prop. And push me bodily back on stage after squirting water and enough to every integration acts these changes are finished just in the nick of time when I have to go to go on annexing. Knock on the would miraculously enough nothing. Devastating as happened. Yeah. Cops and obsess candidacies and I look forward to writes for the quiet scene and we sort of I humane almost fatherly figure it's just nice to sit and talk to Bryant's not have to sing and dance you're just for a few seconds but as Monte a loyal son of avenging his mother's death. Or a shameless social climber. Turn to have it solved. Firstly this in the Charlotte the rules of the game being placed and then once you start playing hits you on that first murders sort of like when the the court is fox I just love that the audience goes. And now we get the game Genevieve Shaw brown ABC news New York. I would love to proceed we we should we should go we can take we should take a world news now you'll trip. Castro's reign Garcia had net have annexing and Peter in the past it and I've been here in New York that we go right it's done ethical I think something murderous uncle Larry.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown goes behind the scenes of the Tony-winning musical \"A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26880379","title":"The Funny Side of Murder","url":"/WNN/video/funny-side-murder-26880379"}