Gadgets for the summer

With summer almost here, Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo is back with some of the hottest gadgets.
4:31 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Gadgets for the summer
With summer getting into high gear it's great to be outdoors in this morning hour is where is sixty -- fellow is joining us that this year's hottest gadgets for gardening voting. Just having fun right that they don't act I've always be working out that threat and getting what. This is really need for kids with cold Glover baubles and elect who blocks. And not to boxes that package is actually the gloves so you can put that on offense to get him through their health Canada and in the package is global solutions so I'm going to. Open this self. And then you just stick your hand. That's enveloped in the and yeah and then just he waved it around up and down or well. It didn't know rid along with good thing. So that he is about it a dozen different faces of animal and it's great for backyard funds. There's not sell. All over the yeah that really fun exactly exactly Tovia going boating you cellphone. It's not the best thing for an emergency no problems. No this is from calling their marine raider has a built in GPS. No longer to do is turn it on this like a 101000 dollar fine. Full pushing this button on the sorry. Though that's just Hilliard it's our OK I didn't I didn't set it off I'm not paying your ten. Just focus you push the red button it notified the Coast Guard and all the boats in the middle and that they just check Ali exactly where you are a pet also has say again so few mystical. It plays back the list thirty seconds. It's Bluetooth so you leave your phone in the cabin he making calls through this. In this floats. And so you can communicate not only with the coast better but can you communicate with somebody else we haven't voted that you be used on the war very OK so this is r.s seventeen piece. Cookware mess kit OK it's a witness thought so we have the pox OK this is your source pan. This is your frying pan ahead OK and then we had our legal. We have or Carradine of the carry it we have more stole. Okay this done to a propane cannon. OK there we have Orleans we have I'll walk we have our night. We have less pork. We have or tablespoon mostly small we have all rice ladle. Okay come good no way don't they don't I'm not quite sure why were you get the picture this slugged two Super Bowl and our source hands. She's great. Manila adding that this woman because she can do things Platt I can't believe all that fit in this tight now and it's 25 blocks also have an opinion and he's I don't know how we're broadening career. Sox and that's and I am I love it. God thing this is you'll lock floor gloved. So this is a way to go on from. Without a lot of tool that tackles for digging up the earth moving small head away and you can have one regular gloves and one Claude. Both of mosquito bites she you know it's great for like digging uphold to have planned sale do you like shell law and in fact and I paid ten dollars to two parent. Very cold and finally I think it's called watermelons. Man are acting this thing because Ken this tried using it before. All I'm a little bit terrified of not live up okay until basically did he succeed. I don't think okay. It so you spin the Spinner that tells you how many times you have to when there's no water and and it's not that it scared anymore how many times you have to put it against your head. And so you had you over your head lifted and that hasn't written debtors no water it down there's no water Harry and you passenger and then you'd take it and then a Buick. You know I'm a little video of me in the back yard today using it you can. Old. Dick just cracked it Bremer has here item in my head recently awarded for a centigrade if it were let. Fitzwater was let out of touch when he blocks I think taught it is holding. Parents of its own stuff well I'm so sad news in the water in the water Mona couldn't fully demo it for everybody that. My hair team is very grateful. Sick yeah oh yeah and you're welcome married everybody glad to clean this up but we had a good time. For Laura Meehan another hot summer gadgets you can visit six website gives Liz Dunn is. It favorite fellow. Intelligent but I am now afraid and are you okay body. Going campaign. I'm.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"With summer almost here, Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo is back with some of the hottest gadgets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55996094","title":"Gadgets for the summer","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets-summer-55996094"}