'Glee' Will Tackle Monteith Death Head-On

'Glee' will address drugs and the death of Cory Monteith in its third episode.
3:57 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for 'Glee' Will Tackle Monteith Death Head-On
Right after this -- and the debt according Monte. Police star from -- drug overdose will be dealt with directly. On the show everybody suspected this and it is now true it has been confirmed by. Fox's entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly saying that we will deal directly with what led to his passing specifically the drug issue it says. Here's on to say that does not however necessarily mean that Monty spin Hudson character will have died of a drug overdose as Monty did last month. And reportedly. The -- -- -- will come in the third episode of the new glee season which launches on September 26. Miley goes on to say there's a strong feeling for the tribute episode among the cast led by of course his girlfriend out of -- -- -- -- Barry on the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Assist the working out the details of this tribute episode they want a few weeks to work -- -- more but the run up to the episode will include a series of public service announcements. Dealing with drug abuse that should be powerful -- -- -- Shelley hit. The caps to -- without -- recently announced that she had terminal brain cancer and as little as three months to live but. She's doing great right now she's making a movie she's filming in Canada this week it wraps up August 11 at Kennedy for a film called. The town that came important for the up cable channel. And it's just great to see that she's -- about about and that continuing to work. Even though she's facing pretty terrible diagnosis yes -- an unbelievable. We strong woman she has such a great attitude really just just amazing hats off to her now she is that have to treat -- by -- -- To construct and just what an inspiration all right let's talk about Simon Cowell -- -- the baby mama drama this comes courtesy of the daily news. -- Silverman the married mother Simon -- baby stepped out. Thursday for the first time since -- that affair with the X-Factor judge broke. The thirty sexual socialite was photographed baby bump underneath -- -- -- dress and apparently that was in bridgehampton New York. Now -- they talked with Carol Eisenberg and that would be. Her mother and she spoke to the daily news so one day after was revealed that her daughter -- That her daughter married to Cal's real estate -- was pregnant with the child's. The TV star's child. And she slammed any of the critics were written her daughter as gold she says it's just not the case my -- -- wonderful girl and a wonderful mother people like to talk at all I have to say. Sources and the daily news quoted as saying that Simon assumed she was using birth control. And Simon thought that this was a casual relationship -- Friends With Benefits situation the pregnancy was not planned. And he's feeling -- according to the sources quoted in the daily news. Right but relatively balanced long KF have been -- about that situation. What about -- say she had this incredible performance. In Detroit the home of Motown and many of you know and she decided that she -- in a film are she's gonna -- The thing a special song because obviously different have a lot out -- -- this city has filed for bankruptcy. That she did this rendition of Sam Cooke's a change -- content during her concert in Detroit. And it was so well received and so beautiful they had -- video images behind -- that. Harken back to easily and the -- when Hayward at the peak of about the auto industry. And and keep the remote town of course you know Detroit better gains and it was really an inspiration to the crowd in fact now become an apple on video. Let's listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19848321,"title":"'Glee' Will Tackle Monteith Death Head-On","duration":"3:57","description":"'Glee' will address drugs and the death of Cory Monteith in its third episode.","url":"/WNN/video/glee-tackle-monteith-death-third-episode-19848321","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}