Congratulations to 'GMA' and Katie Couric

"Good Morning America" wins big at Daytime Emmys and Katie Couric marries John Molner.
2:49 | 06/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Congratulations to 'GMA' and Katie Couric
-- -- -- It's this -- and Monday morning and we start with -- attic congratulations to our colleagues Good Morning America. And he GMA -- the outstanding morning program award last night -- daytime Emmy Awards. So as we listen congratulations GMA we've got both we both can work for -- and we know there really among the hardest working folks in the business so nice. And it's really fantastic these guys are getting some recognition for all that hard work a big congratulations to -- and of course big congratulations to Katie Couric. As of Saturday she is no longer a single woman. She tweeted this picture is he right there after tying the knot with flooded senior Jon -- about fifty guests attended the private backyard ceremony at her home in the Hamptons. Also there is current two daughters from her first husband. Who died of colon cancer in 1998 that's nice and and -- was radiant -- -- wearing an ivory beaded and embroidered lace gown the wedding was so low -- she reportedly. Didn't make a final decision on the -- until last week that's my kind of -- got a sang this beautiful yeah. Stay -- going a little tough love to a six kids six kids -- wow. He says they shouldn't expect any inheritance or very much of it from -- 300 million dollar fortune none of not. The former the former police front man says there won't be much money left because of heat and his wife and friends again. Stinks says he expects his three sons and three daughters to work he doesn't plan on leaving -- a trust fund which he says would just. An albatross around their Macs come a little -- but we did hear back from them is -- who said that this report is not true. So -- you know. It's a mile from -- -- -- something I could use that consumer three million dollar albatross around when a little unknown adult -- hundred does work trust a -- -- usually -- trust a very thought. Fight. And look who's singing let it go. -- it. Yeah that's Pearl Jam. The group broke into the hits John. -- -- during the performance in Italy this weekend right in the middle of daughter home mom -- touring Europe through the middle of next month that so so -- US tour in October. With the Austin city lights music festival. CN and that he can sing and dancing reveals a president Ahmad Khatami might you're -- -- good. Little old I don't -- who. Hello and that often. Are going to have to get my daughters of Pearl Jam -- it any better scenes letting go to she can write about that in a dark.

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{"id":24260109,"title":"Congratulations to 'GMA' and Katie Couric","duration":"2:49","description":"\"Good Morning America\" wins big at Daytime Emmys and Katie Couric marries John Molner.","url":"/WNN/video/gma-wins-daytime-emmy-katie-couric-married-24260109","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}