'Golden Girls' home for sale

The house that was used as the facade for the hit show is on the market for the first time. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:07 | 07/16/20

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Transcript for 'Golden Girls' home for sale
If you're looking for a place to practice your tap dancing like roads. But Weinstein did the same thing really changed her medication. Or you're still could come back flick Sophia there's a golden opportunity waiting for you and California the home that served as the facade for the golden girls is on sale for the first time since it was built in 1955. Though the hit show which ran from 1985 to 92 supposedly took place in Miami. Actual house is located in. Insane and are in. Not saint Olaf sari rose but in the Brentwood neighborhood of LA and while you might be expecting a kitchen fit for a late night she's taking. Do you know how many problems we have so pumped over it cheesecake at the institute to pick up. No dike ejecting from a 147. This 3000 square foot home has been given a modern updates and none of that floral wallpaper the real estate firm listing a home Douglas element saying the interior was inspired by did beauty of mid century Japanese and Hawaiian architecture though if you are looking for a nod to decades gone by. Check out the original turquoise opera Colorado and yellow kitchen the asking price for this board bad three and a half bath. A mere two point 99 million. Hey that's not bad for a piece of Hollywood history. The full house house was taken off the market in March after being listed at five and a half million dollars. It's when he eighteen HGTV but the Brady Bunch house for three and a half million bucks. Regina George is mansion for mean girls was once listed at fourteen point eight million bucks which makes the golden girls home feel a bit more cozy. The couple who built the home. In 1955 didn't even watch the show so Betty White if you're watching I had a piece of cheesecake here for yet. And a real estate opportunity yet might be interest then. All of holed up for her a plaque Japanese car on it bring international treasure but wait a pandemic will debate zero.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"The house that was used as the facade for the hit show is on the market for the first time. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71814052","title":"'Golden Girls' home for sale","url":"/WNN/video/golden-girls-home-sale-71814052"}