Golden Globe Awards: Best Dressed and More

The 2013 Golden Globe Awards recap includes talk of red-carpet fashion.
3:57 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for Golden Globe Awards: Best Dressed and More
All whoa Willis though -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I is going to be the talk of the town they -- -- golden -- glad I kind of Oscars -- reverend little brother a little bit bailout but it was a really cool show. A last resort -- through some of the winners is we had a couple adjusting moments of condemning Bill Clinton -- made a cameo last night so it was -- let's go to the winners here for a drama Ben Affleck movie Fargo while luckily it was fantastic news he loved the -- -- -- -- people really -- Lincoln would do -- -- -- did really well. Then in terms of comedy or musical Layton is also getting a lot of buzz that -- that won the award. An actor in a comedy -- musical also -- is here Hugh -- walked away with that prize to an actress in a comedy -- musical legend Jennifer -- for silverlight is labeled -- -- get a lot of great I have not yet but I well looks good. Then -- -- an actor in a drama no shocker here Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln probably was human for the Oscars now sick then we had actress in for a drama Jessica chest danger zero dark thirty you love that you I don't -- that I saw that. My offer supporting actress Anne Hathaway got -- for -- -- on top of rumors that she could be expecting she got married. Remember -- it was world history she may be pregnant as well no -- not very far along if you look at it quarter distress she was -- C a baby bump. I'm pretty good that really okay hadn't seen much -- -- -- receive really nice speech to less I was gonna pay homage to other actresses and and how would let me. Posted on the -- it was really good so. Then at the moment everybody's buzzing about was Jodie foster's speech last night two of the Cecil B. DeMille award. For her law like forty plus year career she's an amazing actress yes she started. What 3 AM -- is a little little girl but take a look at something she said. I guess I just have a sudden urge to say something that. I never really been able to -- in public so declaration. -- have a little nervous about that maybe not quite as -- is my publicist right now I'm Jennifer. Time died you know I'm just get good out there right now I'm proud right so and and he just. Support on us. I am. Single. Instead a little bit followed the crowd -- for years has been rumored that she was gay and to -- -- giver us these last night. And confirmed it later in that speech acknowledged her partner several years -- -- the -- the very rambling weird. -- -- he's been pouring in other parts because her mother has dimensions as she it is very casual remark about her mother she came out and she also talked about the need for celebrities have more privacy -- was weaving together a lot of elements Jessica and the audience and and they were sort of you know sort of giving homage to their mothers -- -- everything it was a good the -- we look for a lot of analysis of that speech today exactly that relationship. -- something that I paid special attention to was best tracks right best and worst dressed her love the clothes I love Katherine McPhee in theory look at her I mean is just -- just wonderful. Very elegant smoldering plunging neckline and Taylor lived recently with the same sort of look. And then and have to wait in mission now you can never go wrong with Chanel. Absolutely amazing. And then Claire Danes in Versace also just gorgeous and you've got sort of the black the white in the red and they all looked -- is that special mention enough for Halley Berry she always looks gorgeous. But her dress she wore prince. Which -- C a lot. And it was fabulous. Right -- -- says -- take on the Golden Globes. -- last night also we want to let folks -- get mad. Robin Roberts is going to be on Good Morning America later station is a special announcement he had to make potentially about her return to the show but it's good news that's the important part here is so well. -- went to an eighty GMA today for very special announcement is always continue to keep Robin. And our thoughts and prayers.

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{"id":18208488,"title":"Golden Globe Awards: Best Dressed and More","duration":"3:57","description":"The 2013 Golden Globe Awards recap includes talk of red-carpet fashion.","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globe-awards-best-dressed-18208488","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}