Golden Globes Serve Up Surprises, Laughs

ABC's Lesley Messer on the unexpected wins from the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Globes Serve Up Surprises, Laughs
Hollywood awards season -- -- last night with the Golden Globes awarded by the Foreign Press Association. And although they honor movies and TV for now we're just sticking with their top film the -- For best drama twelve years a slave for best comedy American hustle. For acting in -- drama Matthew McConaughey Kate for Dallas buyers club and -- -- Chad Ford who jasmine. For acting in a comedy Leonardo DiCaprio for the wolf of Wall Street Amy Adams for American hustle she. ABC entertainment editor and -- messer and joins us now good morning -- playing morning -- so what was the biggest surprise of last night. Nobody expected Matthew McConaughey hate to -- how fast actor he was wonderful in Dallas buyers club and obviously the film has been critically beloved by at least that this is supposed to -- Hewitt cal edgier for his year. Everyone -- sure he was issue and so uninteresting to seize someone else's name get -- tonight. Yeah absolutely and there are a few other surprises people really are not expecting to be the winner not having acceptance speeches prepared -- -- me about some of the best of the loans. Amy Poehler went when he put his name was called for parks her -- -- parks and recreation -- -- scampered for her foot 99. They were so surprised to hear their names called that there speeches were adorable off the -- So sort of teeming with happiness -- it was a wonderful wonder they were wonderful wonderful moments Clinton in last night's award show. Yes so genuine you could tell they really were surprised at six I think that so many times an award shows you seat. People give the same old tired speech it's nice to see excitement and and spontaneity up on stage but there's also things spontaneity that maybe -- -- -- live and -- -- the same way is that an one of those examples is Jacqueline -- acceptance speech I think that made everyone a little uncomfortable she. Started with some stunned silence and then when she did talk it was a little -- mind and she gave some beauty advice at one point obviously she curse on stage. -- believed her at the right moment but sensors were immediately signal. But it didn't -- something to talk about. So there's practices -- they is that people are talking about with -- opening monologue and just what an awesome job the hosts dead at. I want them to host everything going forward in quarantine affect such -- a street so funny and it kind of women. That you want to see more. Smart they're -- him. Even when rain time and I think it comes corral canyon and -- kind of posted the audience a little bit like you said it wasn't me they got the whole crowd involved everyone laughing. And the people that they were talking about him one of -- a hole they could laugh at themselves because rates right. -- -- so now we know all of the big winners from this first night of the award season what does this mean. For the Oscars. It -- is that it's. Anybody's game obviously the Hollywood foreign press club some movies that -- Oscar got sent by twelve years -- -- American -- both came up big tonight. Obviously he's Matthew McConaughey and modest surprise wins and -- it's anybody's game I can't wait and see what happens. RA ABC entertainment editor Lesley -- thanks so much for joining us this morning and we will be right back.

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{"id":21510058,"title":"Golden Globes Serve Up Surprises, Laughs","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Lesley Messer on the unexpected wins from the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globes-serve-surprises-laughs-21510058","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}