Have a Good Old Fashioned Kentucky Derby Party

America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird serves the food and drinks that go with the derby.
4:12 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Have a Good Old Fashioned Kentucky Derby Party
One -- -- fortieth annual Kentucky Derby is set to take place this weekend. It's the most prestigious horse racing event in the nation but it's also what they have -- -- fashion food and drink is nearly as important as a sport. Well here with more on how you can take your own and have your own traditional Kentucky Derby party is our chief entertaining officer and author of that's entertaining cocktails and appetizers. Tim -- -- always a pleasure to have you I can't wait to get started this stuff looks and. I won't deny an absolutely of course the recipes are on your FaceBook page and then and these are authentic recipes and that it brought up front Churchill Downs that they actually use starting out with this. Bloody Mary shrimp cocktail -- and they serve this on millionaires road Churchill Downs in the shaft in the -- -- -- -- review every German viewers up anyway these are wonderful. They're very spicy spears really everything you haven't bloody American everything but the vodka and I -- excited about that but but we'll have -- -- -- -- I don't know. Our big thing for derby but that it -- in your series that we're talking -- when you talk about the derby and it's always an Angel Tyson spicy and delicious. Went away at Churchill Downs you can buy a limited number of these thousand dollar mint julep is. An accident made this one with the exotic ingredients this year it's all about the roses. Alumina rose water level rose -- simple -- and there. -- rose petals goes in their courses served in sterling cop. This gold plated as well with the gold plated. Sipping straw even so now I love my -- gallery -- -- it actually goes to charity song in the eyes benefits old friends. Retirement home -- off the road courses so it's a nice thing and you get a nice commemorative cup so I can't afford that one when I'm having. Upright and did -- Nigeria a lot of people every once in -- thousand out on the -- He way to make one at home. Basically start with -- -- simple served as -- one part water one parts sugar. On a saucepan. -- it let it come to a boil to dissolve everything taken off -- and put in one part. Of fresh -- care aerial spraying -- springs and all everything in their latest -- like -- T for twenty minutes and -- had this wonderful -- simple syrup -- And then for your mint julep at home and not about two ounces of what for -- reserve Burton goes in this is actually the official burden of Churchill. Has about a good to -- so I guess -- every little tufts yeah. Simple -- will really make that nice. And just delicious irony is gonna have a -- struck and of course some whispering seven minutes -- -- and there it is as easy is that. Mid -- sent home and it's absolutely delicious cleanup arsenal that -- mirror and come together -- alcohol free version. Because this means simple certain dynamic you can put it with iced -- and it's great so I always -- -- little -- -- that that also -- they'll just do not. There's a famous Sox -- that Henry bean sauce that was invented by a waiter at the -- club of kindness club and in -- global. Churchill Downs -- makes 800 gallons of this and on the derby day I wish I -- used. In a blender starts out with eighteen ounces of mango chutney that's when basically just about this ten ounces a -- -- -- -- is -- and into an obvious with a ten ounces of steak sauce then it goes as Aaron. An open and about twenty ounces of ketchup -- is a great idea you had my ups and people always send -- home from user forgets when -- and that's just -- -- and the Arizona ten ounces of chili sauce are an exit and then but here's the finished product right there I -- that goes on top of the then he tenderloin sandwich. It's not -- way lower beef tenderloin looks incredible perfectly done. And cannot tell you what's going to be a nice little accommodation lot of let us you know things -- -- of that -- that just -- in perfect. Also. Got to end with a sweet dessert this is the official can be of of the derby chocolate -- ball -- -- -- chocolate peanuts. It's absolutely fantastic -- -- everybody -- for a contract this but I can guarantee I will including one of these or more and in my -- -- -- -- but I no matter what kind of -- it is he's and you can find all of these recipes on our FaceBook page W an -- dot com -- as usual thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird serves the food and drinks that go with the derby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23557926","title":"Have a Good Old Fashioned Kentucky Derby Party","url":"/WNN/video/good-fashioned-kentucky-derby-party-23557926"}