Google Street View Shows Japanese Nuclear Zone

ABC News gets a rare look at the damage left behind at a once-thriving community.
3:14 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Google Street View Shows Japanese Nuclear Zone
Two years have passed since a powerful earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster that devastated Japan thanks to Google's technology. We are now giving -- up close look inside one of the towns in that evacuation zone that was -- And -- and frozen in time we get more now from ABC's the Keiko for -- This silence is deafening a -- streets there are no signs of life just abandoned homes reminders of the disaster. This -- has been tucked away for two years walked behind checkpoints in a twelve mile no go zone contaminated with radiation. But Google is lifting the -- using its main street view technology to capture a panoramic view that this ghost town. 21 -- -- home. When we wanted to a couple of technology come in and take a photo for them. Sort of people who can come back and take a look at least shootings and that. This is what an -- look like in the days after the disaster. Radiation levels here have dropped 40%. But in some hot spots they're nearly four times the legal limit for nuclear workers in the US. They are -- to Bubba says his residents can't move -- so he's opting for a virtual home -- Connection I -- -- here we are refugees in our own country he tells me short visits that limit exposure are safe. So we applied for a government permit to go in for just two hours. We drove through desolate roads pass glanced homes. In -- and elementary school where we found a graduation sign still hanging from march 11. That's. Talk to discredit. On the roof a clear view of the Fukushima nuclear plant 3000 people still work there preparing to remove fuel rods from reactors. Workers complain about the stress in low pay. And the World Health Organization says a third of them now face increased risk of thyroid cancer and leukemia from radiation exposure. Radiation years have already driven thousands of -- families out of the region. Bubba hopes these valuable reminders. Will one day more than back that he go Fujita ABC news Miami. Japan. How strange is that it's as mayor but nobody can got 300000. People had to be evacuated -- they would looking at these pictures very closely -- -- -- home for them and they just ago. That's -- and and there you see these nuclear reactors apparently the cleanup is behind there's no way to know where to put all the radiated soil. Because -- it -- I mean we're talking about an incredible amount. I have damage that was caused by -- not only the earthquake but then the tsunami and now we have entire country of people -- just kind of on standby waiting for somebody to do something for them. A lot of these 300000 people who were displaced still really don't have a permanent home -- side trying to figure it all out like he just said not only are they suffering through that but some of them are now starting to get sick. Yeah because of the nuclear reactors --

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{"id":18830194,"title":"Google Street View Shows Japanese Nuclear Zone","duration":"3:14","description":"ABC News gets a rare look at the damage left behind at a once-thriving community.","url":"/WNN/video/google-street-view-shows-japanese-nuclear-zone-18830194","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}