Government Shutdown: What's Next?

No clear agenda is in sight as everyone looks to see which side will cave first.
2:16 | 10/01/13

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Transcript for Government Shutdown: What's Next?
At the very latest from Washington now ABC's Karen Travers is standing by. -- start here now that the shutdown has happened what happens next. Well any immediate future Diana everybody here on Capitol Hill has gone to bed the -- is in recess the senate is in recess. And it doesn't look like there's going to be anything happening really early in the morning house speaker John Boehner seems to cancel a planned meeting. And in the big challenge of course is how to get out of a shut down congress can figure out a way to avoid it it's going to be a lot harder to get out of it. Last night house speaker John Boehner appointed members from the house to -- into -- conference meeting with members from the senate but Harry Reid has said no way that's not happening we are not in -- -- in -- conference meeting. It's too late for that we know what the differences are there is no way of working around this. -- does not gonna happen so it will really at a standstill at this point ended today there really is no clear agenda there's no schedule their no votes. They're just has to be some sort of discussion is -- what side is getting paid. And of course senate Democrats and the White House are hoping -- house Republicans who just put a clean funding bill on the floor that can pass just to get the government back up and running. Karen it's just so much frustration and then people hope that moderates on both sides but particularly there was some talk that moderate Republicans. We're potentially. Gonna try to avoid this is there any talk now that these so called moderate Republicans might try to seek an agreement. John there -- talk about a moderate Republican revolt which sounds kinda funny yet give a moderate revolt but there is -- definitely. A -- cents on the floor last night that the house Republican moderates we're gonna be able to band together and perhaps prevent one of those bills from getting to the floor that included a limitation on the president's health care why it didn't happen it didn't pass they just did not come to fruition. But you -- we're seeing members of congress saying this has to stop we have to just get -- over this and get on to the next -- Senator John McCain told our colleague Dennis -- need that this past and then this house Republicans are gonna have to give in and I think -- -- sense from house moderates that they're just not happy that this Tea Party faction a couple dozen members of the house are able to hold this whole process hostage -- -- aide -- house Republicans if they put that bill on the floor house Democrats said they -- -- Already BC's Karen Travers live in Washington for us this morning thank you.

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{"id":20429172,"title":"Government Shutdown: What's Next?","duration":"2:16","description":"No clear agenda is in sight as everyone looks to see which side will cave first.","url":"/WNN/video/government-shutdown-20429172","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}