The Government Wastebook

Republicans call out their legislative colleagues for wasteful spending of government resources.
2:02 | 12/08/15

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Transcript for The Government Wastebook
From the Republican side of the aisle this year's edition of government waste and was becoming unreal and of year tradition and a select number of Republicans. According out that led to Susan colleagues on wasteful. Government spending ABC Serena Marshall. Gives is a look. Monkeys running on treadmills shrimp fights and hipster parties. All part of this year's waste buck. Compiled by Arizona senator Jeff flake highlighting more than 100 government funded studies grants and programs he says is costing taxpayers too much. What we're trying to say with this waste book is for those who say that we've cut all the fat in Washington. Take a look. There's a lot that goes on some of the programs he calls fat at a price tag of one million dollars at this NIH funded study. But Mormon sets in hamster balls and have them run on treadmills to see if they would be good future research subjects and this one. That's right those are two mantis shrimp duking it out. The result the shrimp they hit some more now harder winds. Price tag 707000. Dollars and then there's this question million unit helped millions in years. A five million dollar study seeking to reduce smoking among young adults. And all three cases the researchers and granting institutions defended their work monkeys provide test subjects to study exercise on neurological diseases. Shrimp and they are strong cells can lead to future weapons in defense systems and those hipster parties provide the first effort to counteract the tobacco companies bar promotions. But for the senator it doesn't add up a lot of those studies are very legitimate and useful. But a good number of them you'd think who would know world follow up. Stuff and is not just research listed in this nearly 300 page buck back housing programs US aid programs and crop subsidies. Among the more than 100 or so items now all being scrutinized as senator flake releases it later today. Reno Richard. It's hard to hear more about that Serena thank you.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Republicans call out their legislative colleagues for wasteful spending of government resources.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35639586","title":"The Government Wastebook","url":"/WNN/video/government-wastebook-35639586"}