Grammy Awards 2019

ABC News' Will Ganss takes us through all the big winners, performances and surprises from this year's star-studded affair.
3:10 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Grammy Awards 2019
At night of sizzling Solis. And powerhouse performances. Jenny from the block hitting all the right notes and making major moves paying tribute to sixty years of Motown. And the queen of country stepping into the Grammy spotlight for the first time in almost twenty years. Dolly Parton teaming up with Katy Perry Casey must greats merit mortars and little big town. To prove she's always had hit. No matter the time. The 61 grammys a night of firsts from first ladies. The first time performers in. And in the past thirty years less than twelve Latin performers have taken the stage at the grants until now. Milledge bail Ricky Martin. LA all the way to Havana. And although many of this year's grammys winners were no shows. Childish Gambino winning song of the year and record of the year for this is America. Superstars skipping music's biggest night entirely. And after that public spat with producers Arianna grundy celebrating her big win on aims to Graham. In the dress she would've worn if she was there but that's when he nineteen Grammy Awards had more than enough performance power. Party who won two grammys the first woman to ever win rap album of the year. Casey who won four grammys including album of the year. And the fifteen time Grammy winning host or self policing keys. Diana Ross celebrating her 75 birthday with a solo show stopper. Two weeks out from the Oscars lady got got picking up three awards including two for sellers taking the opportunity to spotlight mental health and her acceptance speech. A lot of artists steal it back. And we got to take care of each of them and in a stunning performance. Reminding everyone. That she deserves any award that comes her way. The Scott got huge night for female musicians dual leap winning best new artist. And those big moment celebrating Dolly and Diana. And job cuts that amazing tribute to Aretha Franklin it was so emotional fantasia Perino on your day and you'll Wanda Adams combining powers. The stellar performance of the late queen of souls natural woman all your favorite phrase that moment. Rule out Casey masquerades winning album of the year it was she's kind of an underdog and I just hope this makes her blow up she deserves it she's. The new queen of country it was a great opening. I heard you were in Julie our producer down the hall screaming. At the big moments. I mean if you're not going to be screaming lie and that as if you're there in the Staples Center than what's the point. Will you're absolutely the best every Sunday when there is a big shell will is keeping right up here today journalists are out on the shared shiny shoes. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss takes us through all the big winners, performances and surprises from this year's star-studded affair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60988969","title":"Grammy Awards 2019","url":"/WNN/video/grammy-awards-2019-60988969"}