What Are the Great Tools For Home Repair?

Dick DeBartolo shows off the latest tools for home projects.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Are the Great Tools For Home Repair?
There is no denying it anymore fall is officially here and that means. You really have to get those home repair projects that you put -- -- could enjoy the lazy days of summer. So our friend begins -- -- DeBartolo says he knows what will make those -- easier and a lot more fun to today he presents us with an array. The power tools hears a word you -- the college spills and other stuff Home Depot has. -- the tools and this is these are sold as a -- Citizens the power -- and this has a laser. Line that goes on so you can. Saw a straight line posting -- -- not on the laser not exactly but what's needed is real B has. 52 -- That -- he used the same bed every pack. Also transferable from -- -- -- thousand dollars a lithium ion so you get 20% -- run time. Its last four times longer so this is -- -- could get into the drill now. So little -- -- light shines upon you work. A little magnetic platform -- -- -- heavy scrutiny stuck paper clips here. Little drill storage there you guys need to check the batteries into the where life and -- -- to stand up and you can twist ahead to shine on you work. So those -- -- as a kid at Home Depot. This is totally different gadget incidents also from -- because of this thing that sprays are guessing I don't same battery packs and he it's a paint sprayer. But if -- got to claw -- you take this. You turn it a 180 degrees and until like the cardboard box just you tested exactly it'll clear. The clog then turn it back all right now if you must have the latest security -- -- GT. It's bad if not GPL. App you say that this is the kind of -- this is from Black & Decker has this cool it is -- John Rowe. There -- those who did -- higher -- screwdriver. So you press down. -- really -- a little bit this way would driving screws and usually a little bit that way we're now in on -- mode. We also have an LED lights down there and we can very discreet. It so it's all about how you angle this thing to -- and that determines what direction it was an -- out -- goes out of -- -- little -- Black & Decker also lithium -- that doesn't use that battery. About forty bucks not better all of this is my favorite -- yes this is from let me just -- it again this is it's -- the nest thermostat. And it's a learning thermostat so instead of alerting our thermostat yeah. You know what they. People. How how many have programmed your thermostats for about 15% of people. Who bought thermostats programmed them out of the Clinton for the first week you just use it like you -- still collect a one little computer him memorize as everything is a little motion detector with a very wide range of exceeds the families out and you forgot to lowered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get in touch with it from any Wi-Fi device that nice nice until the -- -- brought -- yet again -- a foot -- and is you know. He -- money but they're ugly. And a lot of them you cannot again okay. This is the next generation so -- -- dean light pole. And they are fully. Chemical and we think about that is it's it's very close to what a wriggle -- looks like -- so you can use season lands a lot of people. You could even use he said his as a decoration because they're quite an interesting looking good -- it looks prettier than your. Congress this is called the switch sixty. And brightly in commercial use but in about a month they'll be -- a switch 4060. And 100 watt and they're coming in -- about forty dollars but of course as time goes on they will rapidly. A drop in price and that's also up to save money and energy yes well exactly and also last 25. Thousand -- -- not ahead in August of all good tips from the fall sir as always we appreciate you being here all this could something's -- for donating all this stuff kinda if you can hide details and all these products and of course we're refined and at -- website -- is a win is -- -- resort to check our FaceBook page of the Lennon fans dot com.

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{"id":17705567,"title":"What Are the Great Tools For Home Repair?","duration":"3:00","description":"Dick DeBartolo shows off the latest tools for home projects.","url":"/WNN/video/great-tools-home-repair-17705567","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}