A Green Christmas with Kermit the Frog

Kermit the Frog stopped by Disneyland to give a special holiday greeting.
2:56 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for A Green Christmas with Kermit the Frog
Are we. Time for the knicks ever gonna begin with two favorites coming together we've got Disneyland lived and kind of the crowd they're celebrating Christmas with Apple's. Nice. Learn why it's going home and getting warmed by the fire it's truly where my. You know we'll line here is months. He's done a long long hard when Cindy came under talking to the simulator go. Then you go well you know he's celebrating Christmas at Disneyland he's seeing it feels like Christmas from the Muppets. They Muppets at Christmas Carol. And yeah. It completely because he does that actually I get how I don't think adopt the currently. Because with the holiday cheer photographer of in the UK. Let me show you what he does to his dog to look at this so he makes his Christmas cards he puts his dog through this hello. All you like that could. Up Marley and me as I love he has the dogs pulling in the crawl the Fed Scrooge. But another little one here Hogan that's that's the life Turkey I'll clap then there's a Turkey fears the one that god how can we stop all violent. You'll see this. He hasn't on the plate and looking like he's being certain things stuffing the stuffing in attendance this death that that was you know. I love are kinda creative Christmas cards I love when people and it could put it a little bit of effort and some in Connecticut. Would they DO you're appreciate. That was after an eleven through the. OK now lab. Ten surprise. Keeping keeping the holiday scene. These folks were at a virgin flight Virgin Atlantic 787 dreamliner and before take I suspect this become a scare in the middle of the flight ciller busting through the door. Who is it. Sad ten Israelis here. And that the passengers get a special treat there and and the Tennessee woman sent me comes some more. And gives out gifts. Kansas jolly old time actually get some pretty good kids he surprised travelers with a windows tablets and that level from the and a chat with sentimental I don't give his time and I love it he got him from the very stylish nightclub. And you'd expect nothing less on a Virgin Atlantic plans. This is before they over after landing you over the next highest before taking a little bit think has that. You know while reindeer can't really five's. You know an inventor of the they've ever really been captured on video before. We show you this could be pentagon called double professional to trigger. Has created this thing at the drinking rookie but he. It's a sit with a jacket that supposed to be for somebody who likes to drink you see some of the things that has gone that are you actually want to produce this thinking we've.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Kermit the Frog stopped by Disneyland to give a special holiday greeting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27784246","title":"A Green Christmas with Kermit the Frog","url":"/WNN/video/green-christmas-kermit-frog-27784246"}