Groom Fighting Brain Cancer Gets Dream Honeymoon

Strangers donate $60K so that Nolan Keane and Morgan Carstens can honeymoon in Disney World.
2:58 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Groom Fighting Brain Cancer Gets Dream Honeymoon
Time for the next let's get right to have a sweet sad story the spurs won a couple. Tying the knot from Illinois men battling brain cancer 28 years old battling this for four years his dream is to marry his high school sweetheart. And to go on a honeymoon with all this time he's basically a battle for his life. Well earlier this week they tied the -- this week earlier in the small march -- they tie the knot and they get married. And they wanted to do -- honeymoon right but they really didn't have the money into the again he's doing -- the expense all the battle fighting springs cancer various what a great guy his name is. His last name is Cain whose first name is no at least 28 -- from Kwame Illinois. Anyway his sisters get together and they put -- a call -- you know they want to send this -- on his dream honeymoon with his wife. And in fact they raced 60000. Dollars. They -- are the gonna go to Disneyland how good cinematic. Story so I don't let us pictures of his dream came true they get married and had a dream honeymoon and -- -- -- the best of luck and yet. Absolutely that's wonderful right now. We're gonna want to this story so apparently you know you've always wanted to confess your sins but you're not too great to go to -- yeah our seed -- or chest but yeah. Here you can pocketed last week like he told me -- I believe that had a -- into the -- in Brooklyn apparently has started. Like it not -- it. You can call it and it. And all you have to do is listen for the voicemail and and you leave your compassion also -- -- we're gonna do now just because you and I got -- we need to -- The word and -- convention Martin -- do some compassion and see if he answers first of all let's -- -- -- doesn't let up at this in nineteen the world watching it yes. Probably -- diesel engines a year ago. That's -- a lot to tell this real idea I've done I'm done awful evil things that I could never telephone want to here is fought here at. -- -- Arizona is putting my phone up to my -- it's actually to my current strategy -- nicely done. -- -- sign -- for our people understood people that you -- college but actually it tragic. Apology should try to white people to -- national problems people. -- -- -- -- run against people when he got your compassion our -- on this earlier I stole an -- from the newsroom. I know is what can we get overnight it was one of these deaths back here it looks beautiful I don't even like guards are -- -- Well that's gonna -- a share -- TV but I but I think I should meet this doesn't belong -- -- somebody's gonna come in the next day and see. Columns. On -- what you expect me to confess some real doozy right here. Behind your chair you put -- on my chair why would you do such an evil person -- usually an -- we're getting an but -- did a job. That about -- I have another one yeah I had a couple cocktails one time -- came into do the news and I actually had one too many. -- but I got away with it. --

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{"id":18757965,"title":"Groom Fighting Brain Cancer Gets Dream Honeymoon","duration":"2:58","description":"Strangers donate $60K so that Nolan Keane and Morgan Carstens can honeymoon in Disney World.","url":"/WNN/video/groom-fighting-brain-cancer-gets-dream-honeymoon-18757965","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}