Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Bikini Line With Ellen DeGeneres

For a second time Ellen DeGeneres gets Gwyneth Paltrow to discuss her "nether regions."
3:53 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Bikini Line With Ellen DeGeneres
Welcome into the city every one at least the that's -- I'll struggle with on the -- -- and found myself for the second time this year talking about her pubic hair. I don't know they're ready never never never -- and insensitive -- is that typically -- -- what about it -- it. Let's if you didn't see it last time -- thomas' here. Our -- went mode and doing it show and I might change there and I went and I couldn't Wear underwear I don't think I can tell the story in -- hold -- Lets -- do let's just say everyone went scrambling for our rays are. I knew I had permeated my brother and -- that to me -- I hope you're not going to like bring back big. What are we suddenly Healy here. -- There -- -- -- that's the theme every -- here Ellen you have say that go to -- coming onto the show you know what you're finishing. She's the -- -- real -- you can watch -- just being -- Korea and Japan is what it is -- at these things everytime she's on at any show -- -- -- talking about a -- library or -- -- had had runners at any assortment of topics I don't know about these rumors Jennifer -- first it was all the rumors about marriage not -- now has the latest -- about her being -- it comes back to the pregnancy and -- us weekly news magazine cover declares the -- big secret she's pregnant. This was on the print version but apparently. Her rep says Jennifer is not pregnant and their story is just another fabrication her publicist told this to. She's not. I gotta say these -- seemed to just throw things into the air at Walt and hope something sticks like Khomeini now she's pregnant and -- -- publicist something. She got to come out and say they have no grounds on where on long enough we'll find out in like six months if they're just being -- the wraps and maybe not. We have a hard time -- any issues. But she's been pregnant for the last ten years -- been married 45 times you gotta do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went -- to -- some really important stuff some good movies so -- kind of become like -- superstar. He spent some time and and we -- this -- according to NC. For a cocaine addiction. Apparently he just stopped coming to filming of the neighbors this is a movie that he did with Seth -- back in -- This is all according to -- -- in the -- so initially when it first reports came out that he went into rehab. People are saying it was for an alcohol addiction but then it turned out to be a lot more serious turns out -- -- struggling with -- -- -- in five years old. And he was in rehab for find -- Now it's not gonna get Jim -- parts if you don't show up so I -- he -- an easy getting -- careers to renewed yes going down that road good for him. All right -- legendary guitar man Carlos Santana yes according to TMZ -- a very close call an upscale Vegas neighborhood recently as he fell asleep at the wheel. And you can see that shot that -- -- this good karma with its front bumper completely wrecked airbags deployed. 66 year old rocker on harm that was -- clearly not unharmed they -- but. Yeah but apparently he's not believed to have any driving under the influence or substances like that according to law enforcement people who talk to Las Vegas review journal. It seems he just you know he telescopes like this so when -- on the ship we know all about that drag home after these long nights I mean you can get -- yeah I get drowsy and it literally fall asleep for. What you feel like is to second his second and it's all -- when you're off Maroney didn't really really yes that's bad --

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{"id":20302102,"title":"Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Bikini Line With Ellen DeGeneres","duration":"3:53","description":"For a second time Ellen DeGeneres gets Gwyneth Paltrow to discuss her \"nether regions.\"","url":"/WNN/video/gwyneth-paltrow-talks-bikini-line-ellen-degeneres-20302102","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}