Halloween 2012: Ellen DeGeneres Turns the Other Cheek

The talk show host shows off the wardrobe malfunction of Sofia Vergara.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween 2012: Ellen DeGeneres Turns the Other Cheek
Welcome back tonight as the first time all week we've had this. Just as seriously we didn't want to kind of you know we wanted to do not another important things to get to what we're slowly kind of -- can try to get back to. A new normal little peninsula bringing this getting back here and could just as -- the kind of didn't feel like -- -- -- NASA pioneered. Kind of you know -- -- leadership was all -- going home to store -- -- -- insists is some. -- cool costumes that were out their starting with Ellen DeGeneres. She came in at this is nearly -- she -- -- as Sophia -- Garrett is exposed. But she thinks that's that is what she dressed as a right there on the land that's because she had that wardrobe and office he. If itself -- -- and so Allen decided that act a little bit of -- as the real Sophia of course there on the right there. -- -- -- -- out there making fun of the wardrobe malfunction -- at all had an out so well on the man's anyway. That's. This certainly is famous for her -- say the least that's that's costing much -- really -- Good Cypriot but that doesn't say yeah. I mean yeah -- -- money so much would this fake sick and it's. Yeah I don't know why money is real but I did I -- -- then had a lot of I like it well done -- well. Well I love -- this done because I. And a huge fan of superheroes and let you know -- -- -- -- I've got my might Wonder Woman blanket because he keeps a very cold here to -- gotten elected. So yeah. I'm so this I thought wow the rock. Winds Halloween as look. Luckily not enough but he looks just like you know he just didn't show -- So good I don't rob me and all agree that's and that some residents getting and I will tell you know. Like unlike normal news you -- like the fake muscles and. And it was right there and I -- fantastic you like that you like that picture. CN Louisville smile -- only. -- -- -- Like Iraq of course the -- also -- you've heard a lot of talk about the Jersey. Sure you're enlightened saint here of course it's also the name of the incredibly popular. -- TV show this now and it's in his last season here and here so much and see Sony Pictures from seaside heights the town that was. Also nearly wiped off the map there it is obviously on the show you know featured during much much better days are is that roller coaster that's now -- -- The water but anyway the -- Give a lot of credit they have extended their thoughts in their. -- sympathies and kind of come out and support the other is a role because I mentioned they're not -- showing their support now for the town that really kind of became. Even I -- most puzzling as part of the country know that town once -- -- that that -- talk everywhere and everyone knew about seaside heights which now was it in a world of hurt but so -- -- for example she released a statement said sandy destroyed C sign our second home it's devastating to see your board walk in fear response ruined my prayers go out to everyone affected. By the storm -- wells on the Leno show. All back on Tuesday just said look they lost you know she lost power of all her friends -- her fiance Roger say that's all that mattered to her when she's it was devastating and -- who's from Staten Island he said look. My hometown was like a war zone these days he said so -- He posted pictures on Twitter that kind of thing at all expressing their support for the area of the country that made them rich and made them famous -- and -- -- see them coming on speaking out of kind of. Absolute sense is that because it makes it almost tangible for people because. Watch the show now you know you know there devastation. Room. President last night at least Jimmy Kimmel everyone has someone is certainly idolize as a child -- I mean I idolize someone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he apparently -- David Letterman as a child. And he had the opportunity to -- David Letterman on his show he's from Brooklyn originally and that's actually his cake said late night. With David letter of any actually even license plate on his car that said late night look at that so big big deal. -- Jimmy Kimmel he gets to interview. David Letterman. On his show he's usually in in LA but he's in Brooklyn it was pre plan -- -- senior and. Course parking standing here SA toll call it sells a plan for months but obviously -- from Brooklyn -- have to shell out west and he compared having Letterman on -- -- to win Letterman. -- Johnny Carson initially everyone that business -- and I don't Davis who is one of Jimmy saw yours yours we have trying to crack crack crack.

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{"id":17614401,"title":"Halloween 2012: Ellen DeGeneres Turns the Other Cheek","duration":"3:00","description":"The talk show host shows off the wardrobe malfunction of Sofia Vergara.","url":"/WNN/video/halloween-2012-ellen-degeneres-turns-cheek-17614401","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}