Halloween 2012: Paralympian Shows Humor

A one-legged skier dresses as the "leg lamp" from "A Christmas Story."
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Halloween 2012: Paralympian Shows Humor
Welcome back everybody -- -- was is certainly a weird holiday for a lot of folks yesterday was Halloween. This story you're gonna love there's a guy goes to the picture just -- his name is Josh Sundquist he -- eight paralympics ski racer a motivational speaker a bestselling author and called him nailed the new. King of Halloween Ahmadinejad called knowledge he's lost his leg. To cancer but he did not lose his sense of humor to show the picture gets what he was for Halloween -- -- psychotic you remember and never. This -- a Christmas story that had the lay of the land in the window that all the neighbors are crazy in the white. They -- of that is kind of way and it sort this -- I was I thought was at -- and nine million lay you. Hot hot knife look at -- lay -- that was a brilliant Halloween guests in the and not let cancer but did not lose the sense of humor well done jobs -- nicely done yet. What is your favorite celeb parents stories I like that -- to -- but. Anyone who has ever lived in New York for a minute in -- visit taking the subways. You know that New York wraps and subway stations are about this big they looked like -- Well what everyone's talking about right now is did in New York City rats to survive hurricanes handling all of -- There was a -- -- nuclear war that -- Every -- -- you know an -- I biggest urban legend that they are just not do anything that's new York and New York isn't old city built on top of you know Bob -- all sort of beaten the different layers of New York. They think that there's one -- for every person which about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I remember grownup rob taking the fourteenth street -- -- at a -- they've been afraid of who they look up TU and -- would just look at it they can run along the the third rail -- -- electrocuted. That does not that's not there they are everywhere the -- so what are the stories they did they survive this about certainly did some didn't but the majority but it's a good thing maybe some of the baby's got washed out sort of got a younger generation -- I don't know that somehow some of the ones that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that they won't make it that way. And if you've got his eyes -- in this weekend most people can have a chance to relax and kind of -- -- -- what's happening or are what have you may want to look for new. Kind of cocktail out there something. Difference of the new Jack Daniels that's -- thing for you they're coming -- egg whites. He -- for the first time since the prohibition era to be available to selected stores in January sells for about fifteen months for the -- -- earlier bottle it contains a combination of 7% -- which is 90% above the legal minimum for a rye whiskey. 18% -- 12% multitude. -- -- -- -- -- -- whiskey company stores giant that some I think after this week everybody we'll check in their life.

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{"id":17614375,"title":"Halloween 2012: Paralympian Shows Humor","duration":"3:00","description":"A one-legged skier dresses as the \"leg lamp\" from \"A Christmas Story.\"","url":"/WNN/video/halloween-2012-paralympian-shows-humor-17614375","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}