Hangovers Get Better With Age

A study finds that as people get older their hangovers become less debilitating.
2:55 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Hangovers Get Better With Age
I -- the -- this one got a big laugh in the newsroom we are talking about stories we do today apparently a new study says that. Hangovers are less debilitating the older you get. And nobody -- -- -- everybody latins -- not mine but basically -- always get better with age according to a new study of 50000 adults and death. They found out listen to -- that rather than build up a resistance young people's hangovers are made substantially worse after heavy session. Rather than compared with the adults. And jobs more than six in ten men aged eighteen to twenty died apparently suffer exhaustion when they have a -- -- it drops to 14%. When you're sixty or older. There are some reasons what they don't know why some people say to build up an alcohol tolerance of others say a bench for a young person is typically nine drinks eventually -- -- person is about six strengths. It's hard to take courses like drinking a lot of water -- -- -- but whatever the case they say that wouldn't get older -- hangovers and not. As bad so -- must -- in this sweet spot. Brazil where there really narrow really bad right now that -- when I get to sixty they're going to be really got yeah pop open the hatch and payment on your bill. My resistance is also what it's had to -- practice and I know. Then critical media that we want to show you this is the latest drive through practice show you wanna leave every once and a while this sort of the -- -- Work for it tasted studios they decided to -- and you're right I'm so take a look at what they're doing. The people in the window -- them -- order usually includes injuring -- a -- not looking to turn around to get another change they flip going to be some giant ice and then turn it and then hand back steaming. What looks like a steaming cup of what ever it's not really to change just got dry ice -- it well in similarity because everybody's got -- different reaction underwent elective that can take at least a little listen to what's going on. -- -- -- -- I know and this is I didn't hear Jay got to know got into that. When you got -- had a very cool. Actual this is an instant on Krispy Kreme donuts any -- that matter even takes away from the -- -- you to do one thing in this world he once they also face federal -- -- Not so much. I'm not but the doughnuts aren't you -- loaded with sugar but apparently there have -- listen to some of these in the study its is that article picked up in the Daily Mail put up that graphic. Apparently. Come on now come on now put up a graphic all right then I'll just tell you -- -- Mars apparently at one point one of the amount generous crispy creams Greenwich Starbucks latte. Is equivalent to one point seven -- current. A subway six -- sweet onion Teracopy seven. One point seven crispy -- eight ounces of Tropicana are she's 2.2. Crispy creams except -- and you know what does that handmade.

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{"id":20276159,"title":"Hangovers Get Better With Age","duration":"2:55","description":"A study finds that as people get older their hangovers become less debilitating.","url":"/WNN/video/hangovers-age-20276159","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}