Happy 2nd Birthday to a Happy Meal

A Nebraska chiropractor displays a happy meal from 2 years ago - and it looks the same.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Happy 2nd Birthday to a Happy Meal
Time now for the -- normally I love what we -- food stories on this shelved this was not one of those -- -- and from. -- -- -- Just take a look at this picture of playing with -- is all about. This is -- McDonald's happy meal and celebrating its. Second birthday and -- handled it that's alarming. The looks almost the same -- -- -- -- order it went to the drive through today. And still a chiropractor office in Omaha Nebraska -- is displaying this trying to warn people of ballots you know what they're eating. Is it -- Atlanta for two years maybe this isn't something yeah good luck and it remarkably -- graduate. It's kinda scary right. -- -- an endemic all right -- Time goes viral for a two year old girl name Ashland Brooks. She likes to go to sleep. Playing with the iPad and her parents poses -- -- -- little warning to parents about how powerful. He had had can be not just who all of us but -- -- with a two year old Missouri -- The let me get in the penalty brought heavy o'clock here I thought I feel like that -- -- -- -- Saturday -- I two weeks ago and I wanted to do that thing. Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Jamie Kennedy did you disparate educational purposes and another -- for a few minutes every day and yet she's close but -- technology is -- and addictive for all of us all ages they're not inherently. OK so this one -- from our dumb criminals file of that -- you've heard this violent. Take a look at this video this guy is trying to rob a bank in China excuse me -- you mind getting -- -- the -- Make a phone call real quick anime hero here's my meat cleaver I'm just gonna hold it up against the -- -- Yes so the teller is not looking -- it even got to see the bottom of the screen she's laughing. Just like what is the face serious the collapse of extremely unimpressed by the what is -- you do -- the meat cleaver. And so it doesn't get away with anything I think it's so interesting that he is on the phone and it doesn't sound like he's talking to an -- it looks like he's just. -- cannot have a casual conversation. And up hang -- on our address coming us most of them as dumb criminals everywhere yeah frankly not just here in America we're -- move we have cornered the market and the criminals.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A Nebraska chiropractor displays a happy meal from 2 years ago - and it looks the same.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22660568","title":"Happy 2nd Birthday to a Happy Meal","url":"/WNN/video/happy-2nd-birthday-happy-meal-22660568"}