Happy New Year

An estimated one million revelers packed into New York’s Times Square to ring in the new year.
2:13 | 01/01/20

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Transcript for Happy New Year
Good Wednesday morning everyone and happy new year we begin what the world. Green and 20/20. Most of the celebrations went off without any major problems a live look in Times Square right now where the cleanup is already underway. More than a million people packed Times Square when the ball drop security was extremely tight. With the police using drones for the first time some a revelers had been there since 11 AM with. No bathroom facilities. Seattle postponed its fireworks display. At the Space Needle because of high winds. Harvest still held its laser light show right on schedule. Any other cities did have fireworks to celebrate the new year. Overnight millions of people gathering in Times Square to ring in the new year and once the world's most famous ball drop. Thousands of officers corporate trolling New York City keeping the crowd safe with heavy weapons teams. Units in the here police dogs and for the first time drones. From New York. To Hollywood to Miami. Intramural woods. The party included performances from some of the hottest artist of the year. Post Malone. The Jonas Brothers. BT that's. Green Day. And Alanis Morissette with the cast of broadway's jagged little pill taking the stage and bring the party from coast to coast. Displays from all over the world divide. Thailand. Australia and France. Celebrating the new year and the end of the day. And that last image that was firefighter Michael Terri bury he proposed to his girlfriend on live TV. The FDNY tweet it overnight that he proposed effort helping New Yorkers and visitors to our great city safely bring in the new year. And she said yes congratulations.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"An estimated one million revelers packed into New York’s Times Square to ring in the new year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68016747","title":"Happy New Year","url":"/WNN/video/happy-year-68016747"}