High-Flying Workout

ABC's Nikki Battiste explores a circus-inspired workout routine.
2:38 | 05/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High-Flying Workout
OK summer is here to Wear black because it's time to get in shape. Let me say on television black. Can't. All right we'll by the huge and trying to Wear black or on some other way to get yourself in shape. You couldn't. With this new work out Morgan has always a good idea but a little inspiration here for you and to do this now we're turning to the circus and we're turning to strip clubs ABC's Nickie Batiste. You can find heard one of those two places. Your body and poll in New York City learning the newest fitness please. Aerial fitness. This circus inspired to work out this taking fitness to new and very lofty heights. From sky high hoops fabric and pulls aerial fitness we'll get you high. What are the benefits. Over sort of basic work out he waits are running treadmill we're licking your whole lot to clean up over into the apparatus they feel like you went. He could really start seeing results quickly now. No clowning around this work out we'll give you a boosted backside moon's arms imitator of war that the back then I'm glad. I. Surrounded by some seasons students I'm what they call a whole virgin cat cat. That's an act. I up next aerial fabric I have what it on for dear life. Let me tell you none of this isn't easy as it looks that hurt. They're saying. Some of these maneuvers are inspired by acrobats and circus delay who train here there are top secret celebrity clients to round super high back. Leon strength aerial fitness aims to give you long lean muscles flexibility and grace. There are movies like the standing tight. And play then call us into this. He's a magical moves will make you feel like Wonder Woman I feel really confident I'm in the air quite. I'd recommend you look like a million bucks up there that I have relax these women are flying high and now selling mind my body off. It's really good it's really on when it. You're on the 88 and Mickey Batiste ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"ABC's Nikki Battiste explores a circus-inspired workout routine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31199307","title":"High-Flying Workout","url":"/WNN/video/high-flying-workout-31199307"}