Holiday Gift Wrapping: Secrets to Success

Lia Griffith on how to wrap a gift of any shape this holiday season.
5:44 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Gift Wrapping: Secrets to Success
You just went up pretty extraordinary and competitive stressful competition here in New York City and here to show us how to do it for ourselves. It's a gift crappy champion Leon -- -- -- And I guess we should they were -- -- -- be you know gift type of sense right -- just went 101000 dollars pretty impressed that are you a professional gift wrapper. What about you know professional but I -- blog about it. And I Edmonton -- him since he has six years old I've been cracking OK well I definitely some tips because mine are you typically the worst. Wrapped presents under the Christmas -- so if you can give me some tips than in homeless there okay much appreciate -- -- right so the -- On his face is how to -- -- basic yet. Cut cut on paper a little bit longer than the fox the -- to southern Lebanon. I didn't take it on the -- That we have plenty of face. Pull it over -- increase the size three cents. Back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Titans he can pull back after and they lacked he -- look easy do you realize how people that's behind. I panicked I had my -- you can wrap up of the content. The tough part is we have some odd she gets to let me -- the holidays and you're going to show -- I. -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- I have I drafts attempts back to kidnap an avid that was a tennis racket inside yes but not until now under the -- that -- the practice. So what else yeah. One my favorite things to do is to create -- -- -- -- So what I did I went ahead and ended his legacy and feet. Kelly hadn't pulled at my paper about taking with -- -- back and it's great that. That I -- all the the and I tasted all the way to -- -- -- that it won't. -- have just the same wind as his back head. You haven't -- yet to make it now wouldn't it up to that you open that pulled the -- again. And that's. -- -- While -- and I have no idea what. And he. -- -- -- How to make this wonderful and that pretty at a school has a different I love making them super simple. I have just tease anybody edit them -- -- -- involved in the journal yeah they're yeah. OK I I have to -- to -- paper and I actually did this in three parts I have six kids but I mean to you iPhone and half. -- doesn't happen again. -- began people who happened four times yet. My opening up and then I'm going to faults this -- -- trying -- Okay. And then -- just in to hear from. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think this decrease seen. Plus being. You sure you currently get from here -- Yes but he got but thanks in Britain -- and it says that. Just let that even a minute sample group a -- -- of the Q the test that yeah we do have a couple of gets -- -- that I wanna see. If you can wrap for tonight CNN live everything I can you know we had no idea what got an idea attracted. And close your eyes had anything that's a pretty popular item at at a holiday is -- that the -- OK -- about the -- -- -- -- you know what -- -- -- -- I'm gonna go ahead and roll. -- and then I knew something very very -- and cut the top five's. I -- are you going with well yes I just collapsed about a half finance over the top here. You're not done friend I'm not -- that most beautiful I've cutting deals but what's the -- I would you can't take my tissue flower. And that may fifteenth for whatever hand Eyewitness News that of the -- I think Peter wrap open and I want to -- McIntyre we actually comes out that. OK can you -- us. Yet -- ran deep sign that I just think it -- -- -- -- -- man right here on Friday and the chicken and seeing -- this one is probably right I. -- this kind of -- Nevada. -- -- -- Is it going to be this week. I guess it's like a little trying. And then the -- let's -- -- Coaxed. I've probably got this Lake -- -- Yeah. We decrepit congratulations on your -- cash prize and if people have any questions written a companion FaceBook because he had chest and warehouse. They can find me on my blood my blood at Celanese dot com. And the -- ally in -- We hands I have a whole month that the trapped inspiration and -- are members who she is a talented rapper -- -- get trapped cents today. -- the other I did not say they did so much for joining us and I hope you guys get some valuable tips out of this again go to town and Hayes -- corrects her right and it will be right back.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":17867102,"title":"Holiday Gift Wrapping: Secrets to Success","duration":"5:44","description":"Lia Griffith on how to wrap a gift of any shape this holiday season.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-gift-wrapping-secrets-success-17867102","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}