What's the Hot Gadget for the Holiday Season

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off the cool gadgets that will make great holiday gifts.
3:24 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for What's the Hot Gadget for the Holiday Season
It's never really too early to start thinking about holiday shopping joining us this morning with some very early get suggestions for gadget lovers. Is Twitter dot TV's Dick DeBartolo our resident -- -- it's good morning -- good morning I love this first and you got this would be great for kids great for my daughter she would -- still absolutely Aqua farms so this is closed -- ecosystem so you have a fishing year. The fish does his business to business gets sucked up the two. It provides fertilizer for the pots that are down here. And you can grow your own urged no fish tank you don't have to clean it don't claim that the city's -- -- you -- -- all right there exactly on time you do have to put food and you have to PS. Happy new age of fifty never have to clean you never happened claimed that he is Boston's expensive sixty box. I -- how long time and in stores in November run a lot of Garcia dropped -- -- -- to stay in touch with the family when you travel -- -- up you Wi-Fi at home. Anyway you can get Wi-Fi. Yeah he was selling and now -- outside my house since an underdog -- using a speaker on that we just take on why exactly and Nepal craze is a speaker in the drop him. So you can talk back and forth a lot of from anchor these are -- -- -- they thought of about twenty blocks so little way to charge a cell phone throw it in your pocket. But then if your power use this is 3000 millions their biggest here. His 151000. -- and and for people who don't know what that means its atomic power had a ton of power charger I -- handwriting on your iPod add more thing on Thomas times at several times several -- because everything -- have well in life or something that's a great thing that and they thought the life. Twenty bucks up to 56 pounds to her -- -- target kids to -- and this is really cool. This and this is great fun for me just turn this -- on misses from Playskool and it is called the show -- digital cameras. Kids three and Hobbs though -- all. Well it's that we take your pick you up and and the -- -- is a little -- here. And you pushed down on the lever and we -- and a December oh what is going on there it is okay likes to. And yeah. Really -- -- model to kids Michigan's -- really loved this. -- on the -- also -- -- three three weeks satellites audit and markets -- all right something for the shower what's this all about Shalit challenge like the singer Michelle would take phone calls on the Shelley -- tunes. It is a shower curtain with built in speakers -- a built in pocket for his cell phone this pocket is actually inside the Shalit can see everything you can -- everything here and you can work your phone and -- -- speaker -- speaker admit to its biggest Hilton Michelle good. Can have ten minutes of the day when you don't have to be tied to your phone -- what some people satellite unites us -- I don't need this but I guess. What Jessica -- great stocking stuffer it is logo to go it's a wallet in the back of your homes or some sort of sticks they are yet they aren't exactly. Got a product on the five bucks and a final gy -- -- is a little Bluetooth. Dual speaker of for the bedroom a little clock radio -- nice and that's 170 dollars and there's a distant US people in the -- she's on the matter what you can't have you -- -- can outstanding stuff these are all excellent gifts for the hall is no doubt about it. Thanks again -- -- Dick DeBartolo you'll find specific details about these products on his website telling website -- -- is dot views.

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{"id":20514102,"title":"What's the Hot Gadget for the Holiday Season","duration":"3:24","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off the cool gadgets that will make great holiday gifts.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-gadget-holiday-season-20514102","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}