Hot Tech Sites for Valentine's Day

ABC's Tech Contributor Tina Trinh shows off ways to win your love's heart.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Hot Tech Sites for Valentine's Day
-- -- -- is almost here and making sure you -- romantic evening goes off without a hitch. It's now easier than ever and that's because technology really can help she ABC news tech contributor Tina train is here with more -- couldn't nineteen. Stay happy almost Valentine's Day pass fail on Valentine's Day at this time of year where guys. You here's the most belly aching perhaps rain yes but there -- a lot of ways to do it. Really easy make it super simple or just get it over with and I say I think it over. Isn't idea yeah first are these watches their customizable watches from a company called may 28. And there are real great because if you have like a photo that that never gets off of -- you can make that into really. Practical gifts that people use every day issue outside their liking us sentimental -- that's. Important to your loved -- and and you you can make it until -- -- and the thinking is that they have a two for one deal going out for Valentine's Day every now that he's cap OK what do you have next customized. Cases and I did want to -- for -- and I -- it to handle all the thing that he is. And that -- you think they're really -- because it. Retro yeah nice balance to what goes inside which is all techie -- coal to these are actually really lovely commitments into G looking -- cases beautify different red envelope which always does a really good job. Packaging their gifts to. Okay great what's next -- for book lovers if you know someone who's ever -- reader. I love the idea of giving them eliminate e-book subscription from a company called oyster. It's super easy it's basically you like Netflix. For books and for only ten dollars a month they can have access to over a 100000 different e-book titles and -- in new releases their new releases their Pulitzer Prize winning titles there in New York Times best sellers so really really awesome -- amazing books and you can put a little about. About the packaging -- -- you could put it like a little note about this gift insider an actual book look like. -- -- plot points very very cute I love that idea at all on the cards. These are great this is from a company called to smiles dot com and their personalized. Greeting cards but awesome thing is that you can actually. -- and a gift certificate with that they have over fifty different retailers you can choose from so if you know someone -- -- coffee lover Starbucks gift card. With personalized -- -- hard line you get which card you type it up and -- to the first you can actually printed from au prince are two. It's very cool super simple yeah okay now I love this next one this once great first duties are. Anybody who loves like the best of the best this is from a website called gold belly dot com. And they bring together all the best route from all over the country for instance junior's cheesecake -- -- wrestling -- -- and -- -- -- Mega Millions like the idea that you can have eight cents. To did you get it shipped so if you know someone who is. Like always having a hankering for that specific cupcake -- -- only he can get -- shipped to California. You can get. Barbecue from Memphis or Texas sent to them can't get past astronomy from Katz's deli here at New York shipped anywhere I love it OK let's move on to with the flowers that's again it doesn't -- -- -- and found out this obviously will fail like everybody loves flowers for Valentine's Day and the best way to order that it is from a company called the Fuchs short for be okay okay forty dollars flat rate free shipping all the time. And -- really lovely elegant. The case that they put together and sustainably grown and yeah that's the thing that sets him apart is there sourced from sustainable. Partners and they cut them right when you order them so the only breasts and super fresh beautiful all right Tina thinks so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Tech Contributor Tina Trinh shows off ways to win your love's heart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22475688","title":"Hot Tech Sites for Valentine's Day","url":"/WNN/video/hot-tech-sites-valentines-day-22475688"}