Hot New Toys for Babies

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows off the new toys that will excite newborn babies.
3:53 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Hot New Toys for Babies
September is one of the most popular months for babies to be born probably because of those long winter nights nine months ago so if -- expecting -- you know someone who is listed up toy insider mom -- Shaq is here with some ingenious baby items. And we cannot -- to show the -- starting with this lack. This -- 1998 Howell from proudly we know how important sleep yes yes this has Smart sensor technology which means if your baby wakes -- So -- -- Powell with these great sense how this. -- Bartlett gave. I'm light and it soon as it sounds soothing for beating the sensors what I really like that sensor is a quick simple night out. And our -- lullaby glow -- from Playskool. This I love this yet you know it it makes it -- snuggle buddy during half time nor for that time and it's not -- -- -- years -- -- -- -- This is on about seven seconds now you have a longer version and you can also just a little -- Sell if you're looking for a best friend for your top and they don't have to look much further than this this is the world's. Often is my good enough time animals -- own character does says OK so. Are still lining lighting from an accident and -- delta children's book and it's beautiful beautiful -- -- -- storage and you need. When you -- -- newborn -- close. It's easy to just move this from her room I have -- -- Lott's position that I -- it can have a full lighter -- -- -- just -- and Iraq. It's beautiful it's an entity that extra added bonus we didn't have the mall bullets -- light fits that found its perfect -- -- -- that. I think this -- every mom needs amazing -- A car seat it's called the trip that truth and it burst from their car seat it's -- first years and so what you have is a Smart Car seat. That can next to -- -- -- to your Smartphone. Route. What it will do is it will assist you when you're placing the -- -- in the car key it will monitor the temperature in the back of the car. A new mom doesn't realize how important that it -- some point. Really cool. Let's say -- you know your toddler is sort of getting out of that seat while the car's in motion that we won't hurt you will also -- you -- child and left in the car -- -- this is means it's amazing it really the technology in the second game in town because of all the -- it goes from very very small they have -- -- 035. Pounds rear facing an -- to 65 pounds and we also have a -- -- -- -- Our Marcy guitar bungled floor -- and it's really about getting down on the floor and playing with eighty separate expertise who can hold their -- out then they can't sit back yet. The -- since you can get spray you eat it covers an art -- to say that this only stays on the ground only -- on the net and the nice thing about that not many. -- -- -- -- So the proceeds go to Hugh out their hometown in South Africa. I told -- camps there is always nice to him and it -- accessories -- don't come with that but you can get that -- the like yeah. Are -- and the magic don't say we had thirty -- every time the highlight. Hate me and I never had one like. -- I -- so this is my little lamb the platinum edition. You can -- the swing at three different ways OK you have six different speeds you have music you have -- beautiful -- now. It is so beautiful and the best part extra added bonus and -- other. My battery but you can also plug -- into the -- are so many people don't realize how many batteries you go through and how crucial is it. Something that's running -- and and there I. Federer is usual thank you so very much thank you start to insider mom Laurie Shaq of course visit W and and fans. Dot com for more detailed and all of these -- that you have Jesse.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows off the new toys that will excite newborn babies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20288878","title":"Hot New Toys for Babies","url":"/WNN/video/hot-toys-newborn-babies-laurie-schacht-20288878"}