Hot Travel Deals to Escape the Cold

Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott breaks down this winter's top travel destinations while staying on a budget.
3:53 | 02/01/17

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Transcript for Hot Travel Deals to Escape the Cold
Throw millions of us are still weeks away from any hint of spring luckily though there are quite a few deals out there to have some fun in the sun and they're cheaper actually than you might think Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott has some ideas for his courting in morning. Hey you've seen the deep freedom went there is setting in which makes all of us want to escape the called for somewhere warm so here are my top pick person Lyon and unique getaways that won't break the back. It's Indiana and great new year the perfect place to discover that you is that I'm well well I'm answers aren't we can stay in a tree house in Nicaragua's emerald coast thing. As a 185. Dollars and ninety. Cradled it and I didn't totally uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean here chi town Villa which is built using local materials on please keep inside the cheek and a completely connected to nature. Intelligent mostly organic meals and fresh top states and local fishing. Practice yoga on the jackpot the forest canopy gun jungle hikes or had done to the beachfront high making a startling. There are daily flights to McNabb left from Miami Houston and Atlanta. He used the Panama Canal Colombia and custody get on princess pieces from Expedia has some of their biggest cruise deals upbeat here in February. Prisoner was a hundred dollars and ninety can take a unique. Ten day cruise on princess cruises island princess ship. I (%expletive) custom built for sale this Panama now. Departing from Fort Lauderdale excuse make stops in some of my favorite destination. I read about protecting him at Colombia Panama and Kristen yes. Snack I round trip flight for under 1000 dollars. And JFK to marry cash and then travel a few hours in the remote fishing and served town of Kadaziz himself Barack home of the ten next summer. There are a handful of rustic beats hostels and funky apartment three can stay at incredible prices. Cook an adorable bungalow at the song house district 56 dollars and ninety. Or share agreement on the US senate for only fifteen dollars and night. The property frequently has served for cheats but pro surfers skill DOT's and their necks to cheat features Michelin starred chef Tim spending. On the beach getaway you can surf the world class their break panorama point. Squandered two local students and man competition in perfect their trade. Escape to one of the news accounts in the tropical archipelago authority keys compete. He laughs concert hall that opened in April 1015 BP'S_P. class M modern take on handing me all. Glass and you can stay here for as little as a 199 dollars and ninety. You'll find handcrafted beer it because he US first legal understanding. She Clemens in my town banks to cruising around the islands and Caribbean fusion the. Blind pig food track. The entire thirty keys are beach lover's paradise found the best beaches to its black press mad at his feet and fort Zach Strief cannon beach built around three civil or military fight. The hotels from white must be TS medical instantly make you forget your winter. But many of weeks left of wins there it's only going to get colder says start planning your went to escape now before these deals right now. Acxiom. Carlo thank you for that just completely torturing us and that we're not in any of those I just wanna go to. You know what it did and by the way everything go to Florida and you know how much I love Orlando there's a really great deal in Davenport Florida. Not far from Orlando. 6586. A week two bedroom rental dig it up. Yeah are you kidding me a lot of my favorite place them at your reservation. Oh yeah.

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{"id":45191343,"title":"Hot Travel Deals to Escape the Cold ","duration":"3:53","description":"Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott breaks down this winter's top travel destinations while staying on a budget. ","url":"/WNN/video/hot-travel-deals-escape-cold-45191343","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}