Hottest tech toys of the 2017 holiday season

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht stops by to share the hottest high-tech toys your kids are bound to have on their wish lists this holiday season.
4:26 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for Hottest tech toys of the 2017 holiday season
Signings of vs Clifford tech savvy kids can be a little overwhelming for both adults and children but. Luckily we have an expert here to help us hone in on the best gadgets. For your techies need toy insider rob lawyers Jack has your Lauren -- love having you on especially around the holidays I'll let let nobody. Well we edit tech isn't how well minutes and our toys and we're gonna jump right in with something called light seekers. So neater we're going to combine an action and adventure game. And it's something that's me just for the device how many EB in this little character right here and I'm gonna resume this game. And you weren't gonna see that yield can fly him. Right here's to go in trying get the claims. So you don't need and blow anything that is also trading articulate light seekers so that kids can trade them and also old open and a lot of the things in the game at a they have very good at this and and it is it different accessories eaten yet and you'll find that he's got to put some kind of happened yet so you'll feel things may get a little magic is being added I asked them and they say things they have fun person now it vibrates in you yes exactly crash which probably shows an act up. It's up there Rick include current and doesn't really fun it is really awesome. Right now I want to introduce you to the most interactive a beatable and there see. Six. It will lower while the balance. About how we pick up and take a hundred feet. That case she. Thousands of words and phrases she said she still likes like if you look at his feet I think she's hungering. I miss him out well that's got elected either elevating read her negative having just right. You how well so all toys are interactive. Some like me when I see start unraveling of the but she will continue to see more and more word fish as the kids play with parent how rich she talks she'll interact with all of her toys and she will go to sleep on. If only real meaning write critically at great. That this device made for kids it's Smart tonight for kids youngest four years salt so witnessed parents can actually. Put together a contact list that's approved by them and kids can actually said in the text messages pictures. Photos this cycle of the other things kind of intro fine and so it is that classes meet acts again parent approved it comes preloaded with forty apps. That are all educational. Com and grits at a camera tickets can take pictures either it's healthy for his regular camera pretty cool GAAP. I can't I cameras when introduced into the world of DR virtual reality. Cell this is barks there's two games taking it ring Alley that Jurassic world are battening and address it here but I baton and noted it it has as a youth in an inch hole this controller imminent this senior hand can help let me. From the actual write his don't want it for you. Now you're in Gotham city. For her okay you can either play in moving that where you complaint adds battening. You can look all around I'll down Ewart for criminal underworld and here you are in a whole other world. Finally this is our cotton are apparently there's a lot going on here yet there it so that it would drown out. See our pilots are wasting drowning it's also one dishing drowned or where I am doing I didn't Ariel here and you're seeing it in real time so there's no delay on this you don't need a phone or device this is how accountants so as you fly the drone you can get a full visual of what it's seeing absolutely can now the other thing about this drug is it starts on different levels indeed begin there. An intermediate or an advanced fly air. And let's see if we can get a little I don't miss. We'll we'll fat for fit but fat fat. And I can see all of this as you're doing a hi my. Now I didn't data manager arts I'm. Hoping that I donate anything and that I have never gotten. Larry we'll Laurent they're often thank you so much for being we have no way out adding new you can find out more info on these toys. And lots of others on lorries website or on W and Vince dot com we'll be right back you're watching world news.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht stops by to share the hottest high-tech toys your kids are bound to have on their wish lists this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51144701","title":"Hottest tech toys of the 2017 holiday season","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-tech-toys-2017-holiday-season-51144701"}