'How I Met Your Mother' Finale

Neil Patrick Harris and fellow castmates get ready for their final episode after nine seasons.
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale
-- -- -- -- This week at a wildly successful animated film from our parent company Disney frozen became a top earning animated movie of all time actually -- through my daughter this weekend. And you're right you that was great very -- -- President actually had its final international opening this weekend in Japan and that puts its total earnings to 1000000072. Million dollars. Getting it passed another Disney Pixar favorite Toy Story 3 and all time highest grossing animated film in -- it's not only the first million dollar film from Disney animated studios this weekend frozen also broke into the top ten earning films of all time. -- any time. When a blockbuster. Tell you I want to ask you look at what you think about the soundtrack I feel like the songs are everywhere yes my daughter listens to it while she showers -- her little mini boom box and yes I hear tired of the idea that's still pretty good and I yeah. Particularly result I will get a look at Neil Patrick Harris is we've never seen -- before -- How I Met Your Mother star is starring on Broadway in Hedrick and angry -- the journey of a transsexual east German rock star. And here he is that's right that -- that's -- believe it or not he's rocket heels affectionate and that they may gotten -- he says. He's lost about twenty pounds for this part had -- Is in -- he is now an opened April 22 but Harris is no stranger to the stage check out his impromptu. Duet of the blame -- on confrontation with costar decency. That was at all and that's that's the last thing -- -- should all -- remain. -- true or an all male. Yeah you'll -- a -- -- and she. -- I'm not bad at all and -- will be a huge night for Harrison is How I Met Your Mother cast makes the series wraps up its amazing nine year run with a one hour show. And what promises to be a legendary finale the big questions where Ted met the mother and -- that is telling his children the story it'll finally be answered. Have you seen this case this series I've seen here in -- -- -- and I have to tell you I'm an inch -- reached you know and because I thought that. The mother was and the album twenty women and finally we're gonna find out not only you but -- -- -- night in England this name there will be a wedding bell for a wedding bells and Israel and John his longtime partner. David Furnish the US spends more than eight years together in the civil partnership but now that same sex marriage has -- -- -- -- England while they feel that it is -- to take the next. Symbolic. One thing will be very different the two celebrated the civil partnership with a two million dollar reception -- 650 guests will furnish says. I'm the ceremony will only include their two boys and a couple of witnesses wow wow nine -- and an eighteen year old Lisa Finley was battling against cancer can cross. At least one item off her bucket list sort of that's right at least as number one wish was -- -- from -- Tina. And that's just what she got -- -- video message that he sent her after hearing about her which. Just. If you -- this -- -- talk. Two assemblies a message from the stage at the Oscars now while she is thrilled she's still not satisfied. You mark Tatum as almost none on the market -- adding one and be amazing to meet in person who is persist. My fiance is giving fans a rare look at her two year old daughter blue line. That's right in one honorable black and white photo -- posted this again on her Tumblr page. Stylish -- is that scene looking back at her mom and a top hat and coat and a check pension. And other beyoncé posting herself holding the -- -- -- -- street is the rains pouring down on them. It's kind of -- -- talking at this in the in the meeting right before the show she felt good about hiding her child's identity but still giving the -- that the and that they want to play a little bit that he's there. No doubt. -- -- -- some celebrity birthdays today mrs. Parker actress Shirley Jones who turns eighty. -- she's already announcing plans by the way she plans to -- first skydive today she was inspired by former president. HW bush you kill George H. W. Bush of course he jumped when he turned 85. Very nice and actress -- romantic best known as Carla on cheers.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Neil Patrick Harris and fellow castmates get ready for their final episode after nine seasons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23123520","title":"'How I Met Your Mother' Finale","url":"/WNN/video/how-i-met-your-mother-finale-9-seasons-23123520"}