Huge Night At The AMAs

Some of the biggest names in music turned out for the American Music Awards.
3:51 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Huge Night At The AMAs
One dominated skinny headlining last night the net music that's an American music awards it's. What everyone will be talking about all day so many stars any huge night for none other than PGA's current Fave TC. This much earlier mischief a big week. I'm here in the schedule has the week survived. Moment a lot of the care there they have made that you fiery literally performance to kick off. The ninety show some love to her house before heading up to the state to be greeted by. That Angel boss while which gave her the the Dick Clark award for excellence. Also having an excellent evening way. Yeah cool blocked on the house of who had written some pretty good negative lyrics about her recently I hate adult. Hate is gonna hey hey hey hey it's not political landscape mother nights we'll talked about before over the stables. I. But Gomez single break up song here the heart wants with a heart wants. She teared up a bit during the performance the person of the song with a bout. We're not sure a lot of people to speculated was about Justin Bieber. It looks good audience who really stunned by the Robb motion Gomez was displaying there easily one of the best performances of the night. Tonight of many awards show that any award show fashion was on full display. About the look at what tonight we'll start with the developments de La. She Bob let the good book showing off her famous burgers don't dad's. Follow the nude dress that had heads turning outside the staples and an island. Taylor Swift looked amazing and green gown with a cut out her signature midriff never ever showing any value that class rank real or or very long. Very yellow gown that you could extend belonged. Would be actually that it will be a better fit for the Oscars. To look good he looks great making a nice looking fashionable in this many cocktail dress her second out there that evening and finally. It heads toward turning this last look brook Brooks on sexually I GAAP wouldn't call this mesh dress with. Don't pasty is underneath Albanian artist Leona. Left little imagination. That she had to Wear that because she would have not made its newscast I normally. People love it I think about. Bologna last night but this weekend Mr. Bush himself reminded that she still runs and hit me who listens queen bee the other day without. Any warning she dropped a music video. This weekend hits for the Sox 7-Eleven and eight made a lot of people it just looks like the home included were. Dancing around it got so many movies this video released over the weekend already has some nineteen million views not surprise. Let's face reality Baldwin getting a lot more attention on one attention related time because of something he had done. After serving seven months inside New York's infamous Rikers Island prison he's stalker Jenna Jameson born. Was back at it again violating up a court order and showing up outside stars at Manhattan apartment. She was not. Arrested Jesus behind Canadian actors and has been accused of harassing ball was that the two of them went out to dinner for years ago neither Baldwin nor his white. I've made any public comment. Time now for celebrity birthdays Alexio celebrate their big day that the only NBA player to ever averaged a triple double for the season hoping Ross Robinson fifty pictures oh. Actor Colin Hanks turns 37 you might know his dad come on actress Kathy Cagle formerly of Grey's Anatomy he's 36. And Hayley jumping from modern family actress Sarah highland. Tunnel for happy birthday all.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Some of the biggest names in music turned out for the American Music Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27128976","title":"Huge Night At The AMAs","url":"/WNN/video/huge-night-amas-27128976"}