Incredible weight loss journey

Meet the young woman who lost half of her body weight in less than a year. ABC News’ Will Ganss met with the health & fitness influencer to see how she did it.
3:56 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Incredible weight loss journey
Three years ago Janice short Tino weighed 240. Pounds. I wasn't happy and I just wasn't confident and I felt like. My everyday life was being affected by Miley. Gionta grew up singing and dancing and one musical in particular struck a chord with the aspiring actress yeah. I always with success with hairspray. On the musical all Hahn I just related to the main character Tracy turn glad because she was a plus size girl who like myself. Beloved accident in dance and when I was able to actually play it hour role on. I learned how wild myself but once that. Musical close friend me. I felt like I was back at square wine. Janet felt her shot at the spotlights growing dimmer. In the performing arts industry it's very hard to get cats if here plus size girl because there aren't as many parts available until eventually she hit rock bottom. I wouldn't even want to walk out of my house I go to the car and I just would never wanted to be seen moving into the way dialogue and they held me back from a law and that's when Gionta decided she needed to do something. IAE the senate to get weight loss surgery that action sleeve because I had PC OS there was shooting heart medals three I think PC OS was the mean reason why. I brought them very healthy households and parents believe is packed a healthy lunches. I dance for Daryn today at the basketball softball. So I think the hormone. On and balance was the main reason. PC OS or poly cystic ovary syndrome. Is a female hormone imbalance in which the ovaries produce excessive amounts of testosterone possibly forming smaller of very insists. The condition can lead to weight gain infertility and uterine cancer. Affecting one in ten women of childbearing age. Despite repeated attempts to lose weight he'll passively as Jian a needed the extra push both getting gastric sleeve surgery in June when he seventeenth. Following that surgery Gionta has adhered to the strict dietary restrictions she's put on herself. Why is there a chance that the surgery wouldn't have worked. A 100% on a lot of people. Wind up cheating you know and not following the diet and they've. Only losing out 25% of the week they wanted to listen and they wanted to skiing. After not Jian. She dropped half her body weight in less than a year now she weighs 120 pounds so tell me about what you're dated Kate fitness routine looks like now. Every day tried in its. Religion if I can't make it to the gym now worked out won't. Hi eight fuel lot. Week training now since like I lost the lead and they really wanna shake my body when I first started losing weight is Carty out you burn fat. She's eating a lot of proteins some cards for energy and doesn't even look at process for fried foods. Nowadays Dion is documenting her weight loss journey under ins to grant where she's racked up almost 175000. Followers. CN Allison firing people was like I'm needing me that his original I was inspired by other people feel like now on the other side. And every day like my callers inspired me like they're the ones that got me there than the one fact you know motivate me to keep going. Bounty on his motivating the rest of us doctors often say that PC OS is the most common but least understood hormonal issue facing facing women. Symptoms include acting in the back difficulty metabolize and cards and difficulty losing weight like Gionta. She also though just launched a YouTube channel sharing more about fighting PC OS and her life after losing half her body weight. Just an incredible she and her workouts I mean can inspire a lot of people a lot of people also points after the figure out if they happen symptoms and. And as a treatment there's a lot there are they of that story and her story can help a lot of people a lot of women that's her gold that's it she's aiming to deal with the YouTube channel experience to grant so. She's quite inspiring young woman yet definitely thank you will appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Meet the young woman who lost half of her body weight in less than a year. ABC News’ Will Ganss met with the health & fitness influencer to see how she did it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67125967","title":"Incredible weight loss journey","url":"/WNN/video/incredible-weight-loss-journey-67125967"}