Inexpensive, problem-solving gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, is back with inexpensive gadgets that make small problems even smaller.
4:13 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for Inexpensive, problem-solving gadgets
If you've ever had to shoulder Smartphone from the sun with your hand or bubble around looking for the mute button when the phone rings. You should know there's an easier way to our dues where's Dick DeBartolo joins us. Now with the gadgets you may not know about the morning Dick good morning what do you got for us I have some fun stuff okay this is called what rule I am I gonna hand you one OK your tiny little LEDs with a little. Switch on the front and is that he took on the back strong light yes and the object is to put them in places like the kitchen drool. I have one under my desk self I drop something you turn it on I have one in my toolbox OK it waterproof submersible. You can put it in an ice chests so you're looking for the so there are really just light up any big hit some basis. Four for a short amount of time. The batteries and not replace the bald spots. You can get six of them for about nine dollars so little disposable I guess after it got there about a buck fifty each pocketed. Now you mentioned about the sun the hot called. Split shade or might say that is actually dieting can is there every morning to each other they flips it to each other all look this is something different if not physically and Doug are -- is for an iPhone and I don't have an iPhone filmed play I don't want ordinary OK yeah we didn't we didn't glue it on but basically it goes on the back of your phone OK there's and adhesive pad which rhetorical accosted him wanna ruin your fallen on my phone. Once you decide you want it on there in the song you click it off there are too little. Winds that open up the opening up to the angle you want. And now you have shaved on your screens are here at the beach. At the beach if you want you all pain behind OK you know tax. You don't tanks yes differs loneliness subways OK you can lower it a little so people can read your screen. Privacy on the subway is very important and and you never happens here in new York and back. And then you can flip it in the back in the news it is a phone. That's pretty and fun and there can. Box ten yeah OK you know okay now this is meat this is a filthy stick know there are dozens selfish that there are. Now this one has blue doesn't looks like none I've ever seen before all okay and I'll tell you why all right so it's Bluetooth like most of them want this one hand. He built then. No Lee dean like pop when it comes amid growing lighting all lighting system Phillips right over the phone. And then if you're doing filthy. Heroes to little newer and her and we're here for your lipstick to let me ask so you can look your best and of course that extends like other Phil. If they want to say what I did this week down about about a broke my phones here at the low light coming off this when this healthy. Look at my ABC found with bill that low life for me here although ice I think this is. Pretty innovative Brett I think that might be a better and if I either way even easier and you can adjust the light which highlight Baffert Jackson throughout this I think this may be my favorite you know what I love this two guests know the phone rings. And you want the mute button you take at your remote and there or did you know you're in a hurry also in the dawn OK so what you do it. Jason literally says yes if you want to mute the television. Yes exactly and angry and how. Pick up live on says there. If it works great I have of course you stated again and your client comes back on all right and then our last and final one here is is little ninety degree yeah oh yeah yeah I bought very thin monitor. The cables to the model comes right out the back so you have this big cable so I bought these little angle. HM DI could get into the computer now the cable goes straight down behind me that's pretty fine saves a lot of space like I want to tell everybody they wanna know more about these gigs here. Just go to David Dix web site. Gateway is. Doctor is there you go or their creative fans dot com Dick. Depart total price antenna thank you I'd about Toronto where I'm much fox has what Mike Piazza sick couple Genworth a life. The go well period until I got what they.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, is back with inexpensive gadgets that make small problems even smaller. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56774798","title":"Inexpensive, problem-solving gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/inexpensive-problem-solving-gadgets-56774798"}