Insomniac Kitchen: Barbecue

Our producer Kris Campbell teams up once again with “Not Another Cooking Show” host Stephen Cusato to create a delicious slow-cooked barbecue feast.
4:54 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Barbecue
Number. Mom relax let us play at home discover can sharpen it but we're bringing well now you're cooking I'm relaxing. Review. Well if they're sick is showing you how to cook. Writes the so what's this about Houston erupted my sleeping. Always always taken an easier of that of course that you cook I'd chill that's how this works. When your grilling it truly is like a real actor looking you have to be there. But we've talked about before you gotta be president Kinkos I think and that is what I do I heated up. I throw the meat down closed it. I come back and ten minutes at flippant and everybody things wrong already and one. Just. So we get through Kohl's and the grill to set up. First thought it'd get some oil on here that some black pepper and then right before we're for for the growth of the season with again. So the first five. The little bit of oil. That's just drawn Robin like that. Give it a little massage here. Know you're not his and he never domicile. I'd let's call them marking my territory. I was just slaps him one Steven nine made up we moved forward and started season the red buying now is gonna go heavy on the black pepper connect. So now let's get the grill nice and hot using a charcoal grill was new to me now what are we waiting for we waiting for these to turn. White hot White House death. The smoke got to be too much so Steve showed me Tom his tomato plant the issue this fare via the smoke. It was just it was killing us before. Kind of blowing up the scene right now it's nice. That's clean I would create a grow with a fan on top the cooler Coker. At the now while we're doing this this is like. Enjoyable and as hot as I would love that sort of defeats the purpose of what we're doing here but all the waiting around got me tired. Bloom again. If Steve. Don't let those calls gets you I don't want to realize there are two yet here of the great Art Cohen thanks it's in their fifth in the kitchen case. Allied of that taking five minutes. After that rude awakening he was back to work so an area at the stake that. This sort of smashed now we're gonna see that Alessio what's thought they want to just kind of car and up nicely. Might look like a lot some people who would I would think it is a lot we salted the other side and placed it on the grill and discussed in the great. Over to the hot side and fear for about a minute. She's been around a minute. Feminist spin it again I'm in a flip that. And put it back on the other side. But within a minute that was kind of fear that it coordinate as every great chef does it's time to take another rest. Felt good I love that fizzles them. It's looking good thorough. You would know if you were laying down mouth and take it off and let this rest aren't. How long Bristol and arrest. At least five or ten minutes or more you let it rest the better it will be you and this money. That ended finally. Pacifica finish those who received effective organizer named. He's back. Thank you. You pick the good piece of beef right yeah you had one that's I think marbled so. All of that that's gonna melt when Cox and it's gonna base the interior that any. Creating a better stick. Relative to pounding. Of the statement. And better physically I discovered a new way. Job aren't going there but that is so good program. And so on. I cannot stress enough. How critical of the mistake it is to massage your meat before laying it down on the grill guys. And there. Absolutely. A big thanks to Chris and Stephen from cutting output currents that I really enjoyable yet how many states I don't eat steak here and then trying to help the environment. I don't think hugs and high eroding me yeah I know unbelievable how high do you like state huge fan you have without hot dogs. Yes and 08. Depends on what the mystery is. Find out after the break.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Our producer Kris Campbell teams up once again with “Not Another Cooking Show” host Stephen Cusato to create a delicious slow-cooked barbecue feast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65119810","title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Barbecue","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-barbecue-65119810"}