Grilling The Perfect Steak

Learn how to pick and grill the perfect steak from Morton's The Steakhouse.
3:39 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Grilling The Perfect Steak
So who doesn't like feet but here -- -- backyard barbecues. At my. A -- -- that -- yeah but it's hard for the rest of us to resist the good state. In just in time for the fourth of July we have advice on grilling the perfect state. ABC's -- -- went to the experts at Morton's the steakhouse for this edition out insomniac kitchen. For everyone in the state house everyone gearing up for the fourth of July and show you had a perfectly -- a variety of -- -- so inside. -- standout -- -- this state house you're gonna show us how to make a variety of cuts the state to take us through what what. -- we have really feel lost this year most often sold the restaurant is blaming its -- -- New York strip. Has moved more -- of these constituents here and you still very very 4000 combination. You have to collect and that's just -- here. On your favorite my favorite defeated. Everybody reviled people go to the store and they aren't quite sure what we'll corps how to pick a great piece of -- what do you recommend more -- even mind. Who will meet that means few persons and has an oxygen there wasn't sitting somewhere -- beautiful and it's not drink the blood. And what was for the head back inside the muscle movement contender next is pressing -- what do you recommend. He's basically from the -- in the book room temperature for at least half hour wanna bring up. -- -- -- I mean literally never Pacific island woman I mean -- a -- eureka Missouri was superstars -- The municipal assault just don't be shot liberal -- We put right on the next thing the New York strip salt and pepper salt never. So how long are we cooking hopeful they will take approximately. Ten minutes -- -- -- -- -- straight months. So this Porter house. But definitely the best of both worlds really does -- -- labor. Here you have the ability to -- a -- with a -- I would doubt recommended. Good morning -- the good of the mother of all -- beautiful. How -- know when it got more. First of infectious disease so it -- handle a lot of news need to put your hands open like this and he -- right here this -- right here is where. You feel that scene -- right there this is where you make -- -- and don't close it now that he. Right now because of it as medium and Omega best media gentle and as a progression goes. What is that somebody that's -- be seated resistance that's very -- to rule with nobody here is red. Program for ourselves -- color if -- mean rare -- medium cognizant. -- I think -- -- job. So. Well what do you think well there's grip I don't -- -- -- We don't want another heart our floor director here know what's going on -- wanted to hear you got -- we album. Have a problem I think you gotta you gotta that they don't know -- you know how is it yeah out -- -- -- -- -- I think it is up to I think it should be including recently stood in coming down here meaning you're on -- -- Wear them. Long. Again. Are -- are.

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{"id":24375748,"title":"Grilling The Perfect Steak","duration":"3:39","description":"Learn how to pick and grill the perfect steak from Morton's The Steakhouse.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-grilling-perfect-steak-24375748","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}