Insomniac Theater: 'The Other Woman' and 'Transcendence' Hit Theaters

Will "The Other Woman" reign supreme at the box office?
3:03 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'The Other Woman' and 'Transcendence' Hit Theaters
Especially this morning I'm so I'm -- rumor going professional movie critic -- -- senior editor for Ryan tomatoes is here with her quick take on this week's new releases. Good morning -- always article to have you here with -- hello. And Iraq enrollment. To Iraq first movie is called the other woman the plot goes like this Carly played by Cameron Diaz discovers her boyfriend is married. Then she happens to meet the wife Leslie -- they've become best friends and -- -- for a -- he's cheating on both of them with that woman who happens to be Kate Upton. The three of them team up for revenge. We technocrat on the -- -- I mean it can't amber yeah. He's super high heat -- EC girl crush. CPR hi my pinky rings that are pleased -- -- not -- -- sister wife and all right the sounds like every -- -- -- Cutting off the couch to -- -- if you've got your girls with you and you -- some cocktails if you don't haven't either one of those things I think twice. -- so well. -- For anybody else perhaps a gentlemen stay away this one's for the ladies at the Carolina -- yeah yeah I say well I sort of had that feeling anyway. All right moving on our next movie is called transcended the science fiction don't. Starring Johnny Depp with Rebecca Hall Kate Mara and Morgan Freeman the plot way too complicated to even explain but basically. It has to do with scientists uploading a person's brain to machine at the conflict with those who oppose that project Johnny Depp is the lead scientist. Maybe intelligently and -- Just so. -- -- -- Suddenly pregnant. It feels great yeah they have -- -- -- -- I know this one is a lot tougher because. He has a fantastic ideas -- unfortunately those ideas are surrounded by a lot of fun interesting ideas. I know it along yeah sounds like -- -- long India feels really long and I love that we're turning actors are computers and a sexy actors. Johnny Depp is sexy computers Scarlett Johansson was one last year -- -- But this one doesn't quite come together. So out of the two of them if you could recommend one. Which -- would -- -- it's going to be the other woman because people are doing bananas things and once again any excuse to have a drinking go to the movies. I'm pretty good point there are you're angry -- rotten tomatoes is always a pleasure -- we're gonna come back in a moment with more from world is now.

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{"id":23465802,"title":"Insomniac Theater: 'The Other Woman' and 'Transcendence' Hit Theaters","duration":"3:03","description":"Will \"The Other Woman\" reign supreme at the box office?","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-woman-transcendence-hit-theaters-23465802","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}