INSOMNIHACKS: The secret to making perfect over-easy eggs

ABC's Diane Macedo shows us three ways to make eggs-over-easy without all the fuss.
4:35 | 12/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for INSOMNIHACKS: The secret to making perfect over-easy eggs
Honey and you're actually you know. Hey I'm lying remind me being here and I hate us. All right so insomniacs time with Dean Martin then Helen O'Connell scores asking that all important question of how do you live here eggs in the morning have you like them cut. I like mine over easy but there's some deceptively tough maneuvering to act on getting them right so I have some tax to help us all out. Oh nice. What in my favor breakfast foods as eggs over easy and they sound pretty straightforward flipped the heads over go easy on the cooking time but you also can't break BO. And doing all that. Is not so he's. A good egg over easy gives you the best of both rookies get that nice run EO but without all that. Matty finding stuff on top. But they should really called an egg over rare both reflect the temperature of the joke and how rare it is and I actually get one right. Plus yeah. It. And it now with the full of life. But in fact it can't tell that what my new secret weapon. Just dependent check out I'd start by greasing the patient as you normally would mean a little bit. Light olive oil. And then set it to medium he. You think tractor in right away but I like my little crispy on the edges I'm gonna wait to the oil is hot and you'll know that because it gets a little thinner and it starts to move more like water. Just crack your egg right again. For the lit up that fit if you feel like it tops not cooking fast enough you can also. Be careful because it'll bubble up at that'll create more steam Monica. Friend just 22 that white film comedy act you're done. Look at that no more over cooking don't want under cooking no more chasing the anger on the hands and no more broken yachts and check this out. Perfect crispy egg perfect set whites and the best part. That's awesome running you. The temperatures pretty cool but not everybody has frying pan with a little so our next trip is here's the other. Read the oven to 415 and throw whatever Pena using any other than that gets nice and hot. They can you just a regular sheet pan for this but to get a nice round shape I'm that he is a mop it happened. It's cracked the accurate then. Home. This at a time at a fourth minute. Kind of cool it lock that'll cooking pot or. His great thanks for having me decorate frank he got hit following. That's a safe environment. Tempered at the Chinese that ordinance. That up. Six perfect eggs over easy perfectly shaped done in four minutes. You don't have a Stovall and having you can still make eggs over easy in the microwave. Very get a small microwave safe bowl ad and a little bit of oil if you want to crack and a great in the. They're trying to park at the end of the outer anyway which is very thin and an Asian in headlines which is a little bit thicker than you wanna scramble that ala. So that it's more than even consistencies. Say in McKinney yoke is in the center of the bold. And the vols. In the center and I threw it about 45 seconds is. That's gets a mink. Yeah I. You may not get those crispy edges or that covered you know but still get perfectly set wife and nice runny yolk. Not bad for breakfast made in the office the dorm room or anywhere else you don't have forfeited. So there you have it eggs over easy three different ways and want perfectly edited clip any of these over. They were definitely easy and more importantly they're delicious. We have. Vice secondly these. Network's good legs who who had their run the other over splattered all over it and learn you have a gag at a figure out a hack for the serving it out.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"ABC's Diane Macedo shows us three ways to make eggs-over-easy without all the fuss. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51932808","title":"INSOMNIHACKS: The secret to making perfect over-easy eggs","url":"/WNN/video/insomnihacks-secret-making-perfect-easy-eggs-51932808"}