Inspect Your Meal

The Magnifying Spoon has a built-in magnifying glass to inspect your meal before you dig in.
2:55 | 11/26/14

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I didn't. Time for the next sometimes we go to people's house as you kind of wonder what's in the food but to my right here or something. Brilliant what if you can look and find out exactly what kind of thing turned side of food there's a new device. Take a look at next. It's a limited edition utensil from objects solutions the bold this phone has a magnifying glass to you can actually getting to. Detect them wanted to. Materials in your meal back hair whenever. It's built in that magnifying glass is that what we want really if you really want to know what grandma put and that when she heard my site has got what. We'll tell you wanna go with it he just like a rose a better not to know. But if you do want the you connect. A hot topic that fit for the one other new releases of unique marriage proposals as a what a former decided to do the other side the right of a global. Publishing BC. Will you marry someone is what you wrote though look like you would get at a global reform. Some people did I didn't remember my school days that you. There's a female she. Not so address I don't is that offensive to the woman he's saying will you marry me. Well we'll be keep trying to say it's not a. Males we could avoid that I really think of it and note of that company but she said yes she just ask. Face up to way to a man's heart. It might be also the way to adopt Smart there was a dot. In Ecuador take a look at press who weighs in with this group of folks who were training for this to show its. Adventure racing world championship these group of Swedish guys came together. One of them that bad dog from the street out a meatball. That got followed him everywhere. They got good news he got in canoes he paddled behind and they went hiking he what I did made a big even a little bit helped along the way it's a pretty intense competition. And Indiana and the guy who said. The Gotham meatball. Ended up to him that's what I mean he he fumbled them through the whole entire track 68 race. That's what happens when you feed the straight animal in months to correct. The suns committed to apparently try to thank you Britain's health. He'd given food. Let's bring here we know senate uses reindeer but now we get the police force in Russia possibly using reindeer as well. Yet for policing actually there are some really cold and treacherous areas. In Russia and there's a Arctic area where there's a lot of crime that Arctic tundra regions. It's so far north that they have a heart W snowmobile matter that when I get to break down reindeer can actually handle terrain. And they're considering them using reindeer and they would like them around to police this particular. Reindeer patrol things don't mess with Tenet he's on to something very early on two years and no fan in the gone up ten.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The Magnifying Spoon has a built-in magnifying glass to inspect your meal before you dig in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27189202","title":"Inspect Your Meal","url":"/WNN/video/inspect-meal-27189202"}