An instant fix for insomniacs?

Goku Sleep is a brand new massage therapy that promises clients a sleep like they've never had. ABC News' Will Ganss put it to the test.
4:23 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for An instant fix for insomniacs?
In the heart of the busy and bustling Big Apple a dark and soothing dreams cane near sunscreens. Providing the illusion that you somehow fallen into a place between awake and asleep it's called bill drew. A spot that promises to help the city that never sleeps get some quality rest. Spots owner odd Sunni Unita explaining how quietly of course with the help of our translator Sarah. Cook present had she didn't think she meant when that's how this community and in and very surveying. Quite environment and calm space he hoped. Guide people and to sleep. The Zach goes sleep therapy which translates to euphoria and involves a head massage from a highly trained therapist. Using their hands and fingers to put pressure on the Skelton. Releasing tension in the muscles around the head and eye areas. Until yet fall asleep. How quickly does the typical client fall asleep once they're taken into their private room back there. Men picks that ten minutes people on them. I don't think. Ten minutes. Plus go coup promises a better night's sleep in the days following your treatment. Why have we never heard of it well it hasn't been around that long and its treatment of sand reserves and developed. And his pretend he has spent. It's still relatively man. Americans especially have been sleeping on this new trend it's this buzz first location in the United States that back in Japan the original four locations have a waiting list more than 400000. People on. Still it must work right. I asked some of those whose client. It's become not somebody can I can't sleep on treaties that you know cleats and just not that type of person you just like. Crash whenever they want you know so. Sided think I would be sleeping in an odd couple minutes and probably is. I was out. Well I asked as much as I could. As clear sense that things. Would these guys come back to cuckoo yes. You can that. Time to see if this insomniac to chill out long enough for Coca sleep therapy to work after an introductory video. A trip down a dreamy hallway. And a wardrobe change time for my treatment the moment of truth. A highly caffeinated insomniac in the heart of the city that never sleeps could it possibly work. A reminder that the average client falls asleep in about ten minutes yours truly. Song did about two and when I woke up. Suzanne. Soon I. You can leave the to me right now I'm feeling you can stay here for. Twelve hours on the ground. He knew it infect. Tension can you can. Unseal the studio next week. Candidates today it's been nice. As you can see a did wake up and admitted to the studio here this morning but once you do you wake up there you're served. A relaxing T you know not to cookie if you can stay awake long enough to enjoy them I'm curious about at what point of the day UN we know that you keep some some Allison spot hours here and he soul with a ramp for war where hadn't slept. I had not slept for a while going into it's I stayed up after their shift and went and shot that. A little bit later in the morning but that night I. Had such a great night's rest to you folks at different even afterwards yes yes. And you Beatles then I'm thinking about someone wakes me up after just a short nap and you're in my fades at camp I mean I would not Iraq that's where at all. Armed there's that little time you have to just a one. A judge has got very nice when she looked majestic. Djindjic's what America. Our folks here about how can we see a quick happy birthday to. They get yeah. Let doubt that. And that's incredible thinking well thanks Hendrix the that they with a morning don't know him.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Goku Sleep is a brand new massage therapy that promises clients a sleep like they've never had. ABC News' Will Ganss put it to the test.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64234405","title":"An instant fix for insomniacs?","url":"/WNN/video/instant-fix-insomniacs-64234405"}