Intense Workout Burns 1,200 Calories

ABC News' T.J. Holmes tries out New York's toughest workout at Epic Hybrid Training.
2:35 | 12/30/14

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Transcript for Intense Workout Burns 1,200 Calories
To new fitness goals might be near 2015 plants first some Abbas trip to ensure as good enough but. For those who crave a serious challenges there's a routine deemed by some to be the toughest around or I had see this for myself. What that epic hybrid train what's called here in New York it's a grueling workout that burns 12100 calories a section. In a city known for extreme fitness classes like underwater spinning and countless boot camps. Epic stands out it features an endurance style grind workout could be so brutal that'd make full time passed out vomit or who. Yet ninety seconds active fifteen seconds three seconds rest can go through eight different larger stations. OK and get three rounds Alex is big on functional fitness that is using your own body weight to give vet her shocking the system right now. We start with what a cold or B I jumped up high blood down a little bit pushed up and repeat of what opera he did get 78. A I got heyday from here are not getting around to go flew back then the eight stations including the power will crawl pedal built well wolf. And though Green River. In between each station. Never in being Murphy's. This cycle goes virtually nonstop for 45 minute I kept up for about five. I could then be found taking unauthorized breaks skipping or beef in question in my decision to even be here. Chris goes for the week. Alex who assured us that the gators will get through it has a loyal following. Just all radicalized and gotten much better. My balance between terrible sport by love it. A lot of it pisses who owns this place to be shut down OK here a lot of calls them I don't have medical staff here I was not feeling well. Dying to adopt a nearby if I needed some help. Oh. 22 rounds ago. Look folks. And then you know I recommend it it's a great work out what is just to get your heart read out in I think you're working all you to get your heart rate up on a treadmill. But you're not working all of your muscles you get to hurry up in your working every single part of your body fell 45 yesterday this is endemic problem. That's not really struggling know who she is she is a world championship bodybuilding innings in this did you not drilling that's how I tell our viewers at home. What happens I miss you and I ended up in the emergency room I did you know because I did something to my shoulder this is not poor people who maybe don't work out. In the front line to need between 26 crime. Yeah with crime.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"ABC News' T.J. Holmes tries out New York's toughest workout at Epic Hybrid Training. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27894138","title":"Intense Workout Burns 1,200 Calories","url":"/WNN/video/intense-workout-burns-1200-calories-27894138"}