International Hummus Day

Find out how to make your own hummus from chef Meny Vaknin.
4:36 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for International Hummus Day
Progressives are suddenly everything. Signing son about comments. Directed. For once you haven't there have vetting and I. There are well over Edwards sit tomorrow you my notes Friday the thirteenth but it also marks the fourth international. A mistake that today on national nutty fudge day we celebrate. I'm thus. And fans of the humble Mediterranean debt might be surprised to find out just so easy it is actually made me that I try to cross the river Hudson made it back. That two mission this year Montclair New Jersey foreign sounding kitchen. What's like the key ingredient behind Thomas the key ingredients you have Melissa's of course keeping some men. There's another. Getting caught secret ingredient which in the beginning. What is a case that he lessened as the pistons and yet. Yeah that's good that the sesame place. And it's in Heber city can't even name Essensa. That's my secret in this case. But the secret sauce KFC. Possible to get started yet so we're certainly so we start with a chick peas are at oil might get. And put crosses are about two cups of keeping telling anecdote within the meaning concept and then he had some fresh lemon juice we have a little bit of komen. Fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil slid over the water a bit of salt just. Title together. Asked tuchman in the the taste finished. They finished guys that's that's been suspended I mean would he think I think it's a case has been used to take part of basic. Homeless which is nothing was left behind what you wanna know what you played almost this kind of legs splintered around. And created at a rate in the middle because that's going to be a platform for whatever you wanna put on top circle put a month behind. I don't. What we call it back. But I think it's an Arabic word political she eats that we have that there needs. Extra virgin olive oil something branch. That night we always want to finish in Nevada paprika and at your home smoke behind that is beautiful must. And we have some seasonal vegetables can display put on. Game. This is our finished product that they're finished crystal. Then we have and that's one witches were kind of work. Keep in July my home. We have our chicken thighs boneless and skinless and we marinade of the 24 hours and arm while he not show on my seasoning. One we'll have a really nice. This way you that you get a nice market business. You always want something green and Chris you know that. Art doesn't most were platform heart disease and now I have we have quite connect napkin here but. They're real ways to feed the homeless in cities to handle it and we have made and no just take a fresh pizza. But still warm. Bald and a half years ago around the edges. And then you know. Everything is the most basic meal for every person needs. And it's it's filling in it's cheap to good way to do to fill up. And to be helping. Amazing to see how that can remain correspondents on the what from vegetarian vegan. We'll carnivores. It's really good enough grim faced up. Think it might have a future in this southern mountain that sort of. So. There are a couple of reasons are few reasons Seahawks tying protein and fiber and good for weight management and balancing. Blood sugar level and strain it delicious I'm Connecticut especially notified can't decide what you want I want is you can double that and I do this Sunday. That news because that's what it is social. It's a sort of disgusting that I liked it's much. Yeah. And I like get whatever it's delicious I regret nothing. Can tap dancing to the saw what is it three glass music go I don't really know. As an Italian woman.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Find out how to make your own hummus from chef Meny Vaknin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39058681","title":"International Hummus Day","url":"/WNN/video/international-hummus-day-39058681"}